Accredited calibration of measuring equipment for force, pressure, torque, temperature, vacuum, density, volume, weights and balances - on site and in the laboratory.

Calibration of measuring equipment on site and in laboratories

Force Technology offers numerous standard calibrations, verification and consultancy in calibration and measuring equipment. We perform calibration on site, for instance in your plant.

Furthermore, we have fully equipped laboratories where we also perform laboratory calibration of your measuring equipment.

We offer calibration on the following measuring equipment:

In most cases, we are able to customize calibrations, consultancy and related services to your specific needs. Calibrations can take place when it is convenient to your business in order to avoid downtime.

Furthermore, we offer subscription service free of charge, by which we automatically call in your measuring equipment for calibration. By this, you can be certain that your measuring equipment is always kept within a valid calibration.

Calibration of measuring equipment is more than compliance with requirements

Calibration of measuring equipmentt is of great value in addition to compliance to regulatory requirements. If your measuring equipment is not calibrated and adjusted properly, you might not measure correctly. This can have significant economic consequences for you and your clients.

Calibration of measuring equipment helps you control and optimize your measurements, and thereby minimize the uncertainty between the measured and the read.

Furthermore, calibration ensures the early discovery of lacks and defects of the measuring equipment, which can prevent uncertainty and create larger savings.

Highest standard of calibration

As a customer at FORCE Technology, you can expect your equipment to be calibrated by our team of experts with many years of experience within the calibration field. Our specialists keep the highest standards in the calibration field by:

  • participating in national and international projects
  • participating in standardization work
  • operating and contributing in groups of experienced professionals in different areas.

As FORCE Technology is Designated Institute, our employees participate in national and international committees in order to comply with the development and ensure that your and other customer’s needs for accredited calibration are being met.

This way you, as a customer, can be certain that we apply the latest and best knowledge when calibrating your specific equipment.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need calibration or just want to know more about our calibration services.

We offer: