The world's largest closed loop for high-pressure calibration of flow meters is performed at a facility that is one of a kind. The closed loop enables flow meters to be calibrated at maximum flow 24/7

You can trust the results

High-pressure calibration ensures a correctly measured and settled flow. A flow meter calibrated at our high-pressure facility holds minimal calibration uncertainty, and you can trust the result. We calibrate at stable flow, pressure and temperature, and we can calibrate all measuring meters in the pressure area from 3 bar to 65 bar/ 40 PSI to 945 PSI.

Our high-pressure calibration facility is tailored to meet customer needs:

  • 12" (300 mm) high-pressure loop for calibration of gas meters
  • 4" Piston Prover system for establishing traceability to the SI unit" meter"
  • 24" (600 mm) high-pressure loop for calibration of flow meters
  • Flexible calibration timeslots: We operate 24-7, including weekends and nights if necessary
  • Visitors room from which you can overlook calibration of your meters live or via remote camera access

Skilled staff at your service

Our staff has wide-ranging expertise, deep knowledge of high-pressure calibration and many years of experience. We ensure high quality, fast processing and service at the right price.

  • We work at a primary level
  • We generate traceability
  • We participate in European Harmonised Natural Gas Cubic Meter (EUREGA)
  • We always complete the task
  • We perform quick meter replacements irrespective of meters and meter sizes.

Contact us to book a calibration. If you already have an agreement about high-pressure calibration, please forward the equipment to FORCE Technology Navervej 1 DK – 6600 Vejen Denmark.

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The ability to conduct accurate flow measurements can make the difference between making a profit or taking a loss. This is why accurate measuring instrumentation is imperative in the global custody transfer infrastructure.  EMCO Controls have developed dp-flow meters for measurement of liquids for almost five decades, that are to be calibrated at the MEGA loop calibration facility at FORCE Technology in Denmark.