High-pressure calibration of gas meters with FORCE Technology takes place at the world’s largest closed loop for high-pressure calibration of gas meters with natural gas.

High-pressure calibration of gas meters reaches new heights 

High-pressure calibration of gas meters will ensure that you get a correctly measured and settled gas flow. As a customer, you can feel fully confident that a gas meter calibrated in our high pressure system, holds minimal calibration uncertainty, performed at our brand new high-pressure facility. The facility is built as a closed loop with low pressure loss and is the only one of its kind in the world. Its design facilitates that your gas meters may be calibrated at maximum flow and maximum pressure all year round, irrespective of the season.

We calibrate at stable flow, pressure and temperature, and we can calibrate all measuring meters in the pressure area from 3 bar to 65 bar/ 40 PSI to 945 PSI. High pressure calibration facility includes:

  • 12” (300 mm) high-pressure loop for calibration of gas meters
  • 4” Piston Prover system for establishing traceability to the SI unit ”meter”
  • 24” (600 mm) high-pressure loop for calibration of gas meters.

High-pressure calibration of gas meters tailored for customer needs

The calibration will be tailored to fit your needs as best possible. We offer:

  • calibration within 5 weeks from receipt of the meter. FORCE Technology chooses the calibration slot
  • high flexibility as regards point in time for calibration
  • calibration 24-7 including weekends and nights upon agreement
  • calibration at fixed points in time with possible visits and calibration in slots without customer visits
  • visitors’ room in the high-pressure system from which you can overlook calibration of your meters live or via remote access and camera.

As a customer with FORCE Technology, you can expect high quality in calibration through our staff, who have wide-ranging expert’s knowledge and many years’ experience. Your calibration will be handled by specialists within calibration and gas meters.

Furthermore, our services within high-pressure calibration of gas meters is characterised by:

  • work at a primary level
  • generation of traceability, and participating in European Harmonised Natural Gas Cubic Meter (EUREGA)
  • calibration at the right price
  • task completion – even if complications occur
  • all year calibration – irrespective of seasons
  • quick meter replacements irrespective of meters and meter sizes.

Thus, we ensure high quality, fast processing and service at the right price.

Order of high pressure calibration of gas meters

Do we have a calibration slot available for your gas meter? Contact us to book a calibration. 

If you have an arrangement about high-pressure calibration of your gas meters already, we ask you to forward the equipment to our facilities at the address:

FORCE Technology
Navervej 1
DK – 6600 Vejen