FORCE Technology performs accredited calibration of flow meters, which ensures that you can document errors and correct indications of measurements.

Calibration of flow minimises errors in indication of measurements

Calibration of flow meters provides you with the opportunity to inspect and optimise your meters, with the result that the uncertainty between the true measurement and the read measurement will be as little as possible. This way the risk of error indications in measurements will be minimised. 

As a customer in FORCE Technology you will benefit from our widespread expertise within calibration of flow meters. We provide accredited calibration and a number of flow-related technical services in the fields of: 

  • liquid flow within processing, water, heating and cooling
  • liquid flow with liquids other than water, including oil, petrol and diesel
  • gas flow
  • air flow. 

In most cases, calibration of flow meters, consultancy and related services at FORCE Technology can be adjusted to fit your demands. We perform laboratory calibration at our own premises and calibration on site at your locations. 

Flow calibration is performed accredited at FORCE Technology.

Calibration of process, water, heat and cooling meters

FORCE Technology provides calibration and technical flow examinations of process, water, heat and cooling meters for legal as well as processing purposes.

Apart from standard and adjusted calibration services and consultancy, our services in the field include: 

  • Random sampling inspection
  • Assistance for interpretation of legislation in the field
  • Nationwide services with a short delivery time
  • Control of valves and other components in piping systems. 
Furthermore, we provide type testing of all types of flow meters, including water and heat meters. 

Calibration of flow with liquids other than water 

Calibration of flow with liquids other than water includes calibration, verification and counselling on flow measurement with meters and measuring systems for liquids other than water, including oil, petrol and diesel. 

At our calibration facilities, you can have your meters calibrated with media such as lubricant oil, chemical fluids, milk, ethanol, lye and all types of oil products. Furthermore, we calibrate meters for many different purposes such as e.g.: 

  • Raw oil meters from off- or onshore systems 
  • Lubricant oil meters
  • Petrol and diesel meters in petrol stations
  • Meters in oil road tankers, milk road tankers and tank vessels
  • Platform meters in depots and refineries
  • Cryogenic meters. 

We also assist in uncertainty calculations and –budgets and technical audit of measuring systems and the requirements pertaining to these. 

Calibration of meters with air

Calibration of meters with air is performed at the largest air facility in the world, that operates with a flow range capacity from 20 m3/h (Q-min) to 25000 m3/h (Q-max). 

The air calibration facility can handle all types of flow meters for measurement of air and gas, including USM, turbine meters, swirl meters, coriolis meters, flare gas meters, etc. up to 50” in diameter, with flow rates beginning from 1 m3/h up to 25000 m3/h.

Calibration with air under atmospheric conditions is often applied as an initial test of meters as it gives a good indication of the stability of the meter prior to application. Furthermore, air meter accuracy is an imperative in processing plants where air is distributed as part of a production process. These meters acquire calibration with air under varying pressure and flow rates.

Calibration of gas flow meters 

Calibration of gas flow meters includes low pressure calibration and high pressure calibration.  

Calibration of gas flow meters with FORCE Technology can be performed adjusted to your needs as best possible. We provide: 

  • random sampling and receipt control parties/badges
  • calibration within 5 weeks of receiving of the meter
  • huge flexibility as regards time for calibration
  • calibration at fixed times with visiting possibility and calibration in slots without customer visits. 

High pressure calibration of gas meters will be performed with our new high pressure facility, designed as a closed loop with low pressure loss and it is the only one of its kind in the world. 

Calibration of the highest standard 

As a customer with FORCE Technology you are ensured high quality in calibration tasks through our staff of employees with widespread expert’s knowledge and many years’ experience. Your calibration will be handled by specialists who maintain their knowledge on calibration and flow meters by: 

  • participating in national and international research projects
  • participating in national and international standardisation work
  • operating and contributing to national experience exchange groups in various fields within flow. 
As FORCE Technology is appointed National Metrology Institute, our staff participate in committees and work groups nationally and internationally to keep track of developments and ensure that your and other customers’ demands for accredited calibration will be met. 

FORCE Technology is technical advisor to the industry and authorities as regards plain measuring techniques and legislation in the field. Furthermore, FORCE Technology is part of the Danish "Centre of excellence" for flow measuring, Flowcenter Denmark. 

Thus, as a customer, you are ensured the newest and uppermost expertise within calibration of your flow meters. Contact us to order calibration of flow meters or to learn more about our flow calibration services.