Green transition

We want to accelerate the green transition through the use of technology

We refine and support the development of new large-scale energy infrastructure, strengthen responsible consumption and production and create solutions that help our customers reach their sustainability goals.

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Power-to-X and the development of sustainable fuels as well as technologies for the storage and utilisation of CO2 are crucial for the green transition.
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Efficient wind energy

Independence from fossil fuels requires new technology. We work to develop new knowledge and technological solutions for the wind industry.
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Reuse, recycling and service life extension

We need to consume resources more wisely, and we need to use our products in smarter ways, make them last longer, and find better ways to reuse or recycle them.
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Designing sustainable products

We need to rethink how we design products to make products last longer.
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Designing sustainable manufacturing processes

To make products last longer and thereby minimise their environmental impact, we need to rethink how we design manufacturing processes.
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Documentation of sustainability

Environmental assessment and documentation of efforts play a key role in documenting sustainable development initiatives.