Designing sustainable manufacturing processes

Manufacturing consumes resources and must embrace sustainability. Danish firms benefit from the green transition, and FORCE Technology accelerates this for improved competitiveness.

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Sustainable manufacturing pays off

By transitioning to more sustainable manufacturing methods as well as work on process optimization, companies can both save money and reduce their environmental impact. Therefore, sustainability should be a central part of the company's strategy.

Companies can benefit from investing in innovation, new technologies, collaboration and knowledge to improve five important parameters for more sustainable manufacturing: resources, water, CO2, energy and waste. If companies seek the right expertise and manage to integrate sustainability into their manufacturing processes, they can secure a strong position in the market.

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Production optimisation becomes more important

FORCE Technology assists companies in identifying and implementing improvements that can contribute to more sustainable manufacturing. As part of implementing the Corporate Social Responsibility Directive, companies must report more detailed information on environment, social and governance (ESG), including data from production.

We help improve the company's performance by working on optimising energy and resource consumption, including water, chemicals, and materials. By analysing the inflow and outflow of resources, we identify potential improvements and offer services that can minimise waste in production.


Optimising manufacturing processes

To help companies make better use of their resources, FORCE Technology offers the following services:
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X-ray measurement systems for production control

Measurement data from an X-ray measurement system can be used to streamline production and process. Improved production control helps the company avoid faulty production, achieve savings on raw material and resource consumption, and ensure product quality.
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IoT-based predictive maintenance

By carrying out preventive maintenance based on IoT, manufacturing companies can ensure that their machines operate optimally and last longer. In this way, they can utilise resources as effectively as possible while simultaneously reducing costs for new components or machines.
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Resource-saving manufacturing methods

New materials and greener manufacturing methods are prerequisites for reducing resource consumption and environmental impact - and thus for a green transition in production. 3D printing is fast and resource-efficient, and we work on a research basis with quality assurance and optimisation of the technology.
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