80 years of technological innovation — benefiting industry and society.

At FORCE Technology, we meet thousands of Danish and foreign businesses every year, each facing one or more technological challenges. We have been doing so for nearly 80 years now, as the backbone of Danish innovation, ensuring the efficient, independent spread of new knowledge and technologies to businesses and the society at large.

Over the course of those 80 years, technologies and industries have changed, but our role remains the same — and more businesses are benefiting from it.

Here is how we define our approach to innovation:

  • Every day, we meet the industry's challenges and needs for future-proof technology by inspecting, testing, measuring, and advising for more than 10,000 customers each year.
  • We work closely with researchers, scientific communities, and educational institutions in Denmark and abroad to develop new technologies.
  • Through efforts like standardisation and knowledge acquisition, we position ourselves at the forefront of global and structural changes that impose demands for new technological solutions which are necessary to a sustainable society in the future.

In the midst of the tension between societal challenges, the needs of businesses (tech pull), and technological possibilities (tech push), we work to create use-orientated technological innovation, both today and in the future.

Innovation that supports growth and competitiveness

Our innovative efforts support our vision to transform highly specialised technological knowledge into value-creating solutions for our customers and society.

As a non-profit GTS institute, supporting growth, innovation, and competitiveness in Danish businesses is part of our DNA. We do so by building and sharing knowledge and new technologies with businesses.

We accomplish this through a portfolio of domestic and international research and development projects, and through our solid foundation of competent team members, state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories, and our customers.

These innovations and projects are transformed into usable technological services, and distributed throughout society by means of focused knowledge sharing at courses, events and publications.

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