Key topics for FORCE Technology

FORCE Technology works to create positive technological change and drive society in a more sustainable and safe direction.

Denmark has an ambition to be a leading technology nation. At FORCE Technology, we work to create the best possible conditions for Danish companies to adapt as new technological opportunities arise, and thus remain part of the solution to the greatest societal challenges.

In order for us to use our competencies to best support society and industry in the transition to a greener and more sustainable direction, we have defined three core areas where we have very special capabilities for contributing and creating positive change.

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Digitalisation - we want to drive technological change

We are at the forefront of technological business transformations and deliver secure and innovative digital solutions that contribute to better consumer safety and customer competitiveness.
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Green transition - We want to accelerate the green transition through the use of technology

We refine and support the development of new energy infrastructure on a large scale, strengthen responsible consumption and production and create solutions that help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.
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Health - we want to contribute to improved health and safety

We create healthy and safe environments for people through innovation and research in e.g. production processes and product safety and by assisting companies with market access in the life science and food industries.