Simulations and CFD

Simulation studies of a newly or redesigned port will help you understand the need for dredging or layout changes while computational fluid dynamics will help you optimise the flow performance of a plant or a vessel.

Ship model database

The ship model database (for customers only) contains all the available ship models from FORCE Technology. All the shown ships can be used as own ships and as targets. Please contact SimFlex Support to obtain username and password. 

  1. Ship model database
Smartship australia simulator centre, FORCE Technology

Smartship Australia


Maritime Safety Queensland contracted us to deliver simulator centre, for training of pilots.

Towing operation Belfast, port study, simulator study, havnestudium, FORCE Technology

Belfast tow out


The great thing about simulation studies is the possibility to perform trial and error exercises.

Norwegian Coastal Administration,

Norwegian Coastal Administration


Norwegian Coastal Administration chooses our simulator centre for training of their Pilots.

ammonia combustion simulations green fuels flame

CFD is an alternative to expensive physical testing


Ammonia combustion simulations pave the way to new green fuels.

wind turbine blades

From old wind turbine blades to new products


Clenflex show that glass fibers and binder from old windmill blades can be reused for new products.

robotic arm

Sustainable product and production design


We need to rethink how we design products and manufacturing processes to make products last longer.

medicine bottle

Food products and hygiene in the green transition


Contributie to the green transition without compromising safety, hygiene and competitiveness.

Focus area 09

Danish companies' impending need for hybrid test beds


The hybrid testbed technology is still immature and companies lack inhous competencies.

ZCN with zerax section

A green and digital future for NOVENCO


IoT and big data result in a significant lifetime extension for NOVENCO's products.

SimFlex Cloud, Simulator-based maritime training

DNV certifies new SimFlex Cloud simulator platform


The training platform is now certified according to international standards.

wind turbines at sea

Wind energy - wind turbines and platforms


Design, operation and maintenance of wind turbines and platforms.

SimFlex Cloud, Simulator-based maritime training

SimFlex Cloud navigation simulator platform unveiled


Cloud-based AR simulator concept allows for flexibility and realism in maritime training.