Improve the quality of your product or process, using CFD simulations in the design phase. Simulation tools can also make sure you comply with regulations and standards in your industry.

Hygiene and safety regulations

The food and pharma industries are ruled by strict regulations. Hygiene and safety play a key role during manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and food processing. Companies in these sectors need to meet very special requirements to comply with national and international standards. To meet these requirements, products and processes must reach the highest quality level.

Chicken Disinfection
CFD domain of Sonosteam chicken disinfection system 

Design High Quality and Efficient Systems

In order to achieve high quality and efficient processing systems, detailed knowledge on the system’s behavior is required. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations provide insights into potential problem areas, making it possible to eradicate those areas before a real-life physical process has been set up.

Virtual Prototype in Your Design Phase

As opposed to manufacture and testing of prototypes, CFD simulations: 

  • Provide detailed information that is not limited to a few measurement points in specific locations. 
  • Offer the opportunity to simulate scenarios that are dangerous or too expensive to carry out in real life testing. 
  • Allow testing a large number of different setups, in a quick and affordable manner. 
Model of traditional design and simulation driven design
Traditional vs. Simulation driven design

CFD allows creating a virtual prototype, which provides a high degree of understanding before making, or even completely avoiding, a physical prototype. This ensures a much more straight-forward design process, reducing the expenses and long timeframes related to prototype manufacture and testing.

Experience in Diverse Types of Systems

We have a very broad profile of expertise that can be allocated for specific needs. At FORCE Technology we are often challenged to solve specific problems related to different applications, requiring not only knowledge about fluid mechanics, but also about the different types of systems. Within the food & pharma industry, these are some of the applications where our CFD services can be of great advantage:  

  • Hygienic design
  • Mixing tank
  • Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization
  • Heat exchanger design
  • Drying
  • Refrigeration
  • Baking
  • Pasteurization

Below, are some examples.

Egg disinfection
A CFD simulation of the egg disinfection process shows the distribution of steam/heat. Simulating the process makes it possible to see and address areas of concern in the design phase before the actual process is started.

You can read about our case study with Sonosteam’s disinfection system, here.

Mixing tank
A CFD simulation can optimize the design of the internals to ensure a high performance of the mixing tank. Multiphase flows and heat transfer are some of the physics which can be included in a CFD model in order to evaluate, for instance, the time required to mix a tracer in any substance until a certain level of mixing or a specific temperature is reached.

Your System is Our Priority

It is our top priority to fully understand your system, and the improvements that you wish to achieve. This is why ongoing communication regarding background, and desired scope of work, is part of the experience of working with us. 

We will adapt our CFD model to your preferences, in terms of level of detail and desired output, and you can expect support on the current status of your processing system, as well as on how to improve it. 

At FORCE Technology, we develop CFD simulations in which all relevant aspects of your system are taken into account, including both the design and operation stage. You can see our CFD models as a method to test multiple design ideas, under different operating conditions, and gain early knowledge on how the combination of these have an effect on the system. 

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