Help to manage regulations and documentation related to food contact materials, compliance, and own control.

If you produce and package foodstuffs, or produce, import, or trade food contact materials and articles, you must comply with the relevant regulations.
Not only do you need to manage the regulations and documentation requirements in Denmark and the EU, but when exporting your goods to third countries you also need to comply with the regulations and documentation requirements of the recipient country.

Different requirements for documentation to different food contact materials

When importing from outside the EU, you need to make sure that the packaging used for packaged food, production equipment, packaging materials, kitchenware and utensils etc., comply with the EU regulations and that the documentation for this is adequate and reliable.
These documentation requirements can be difficult to handle as many different materials are used, such as plastic, metal, rubber, silicone, glass coatings, enamel, ceramics, wood, cork, stone, regenerated cellulose, paper & board etc.. As not all of these materials are subject to specific EU regulations, handling the documentation requirements can be both confusing and time consuming. 

Solid experience and specialized knowledge within food contact materials

We have decades of experience in advising the food industry, we have our own laboratories, and we possess a solid base of experience regarding HACCP and food safety management systems. Our combination of a broad skillset and specialized knowledge makes us an efficient partner for companies that seek solutions to issues regarding food contact materials and food safety.

We have many years of experience in advising Danish, foreign and international companies, both large and small, regarding food contact materials, and we draw on this experience when helping your company with your specific issues.

International laws related to food contact materials 

We handle tasks related to export/import of food contact materials to/from the US, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa and European countries outside the EU. 

We also have a thorough knowledge of national laws and guidelines within the EU, as well as the guidelines of industry associations and of the Council of Europe.

Material and product documentation of food contact materials

Within material and product documentation we offer to: 
  • Elaborate test programs so that superfluous test parameters are omitted and the correct parameters are included
  • Evaluate test reports so that you know whether your supplier has tested for the correct parameters
  • Evaluate the declarations of compliance and background materials received from your supplier
  • Elaborate Declarations of Compliance for your customers 
  • Evaluate the suitability of different materials for different process conditions and applications 
  • Specify requirements regarding materials for, and documentation of, production equipment in tenders 

Processes, knowledge and monitoring related to food contact materials

Within processes, knowledge and monitoring we offer to: 
  • Build and develop self-monitoring and quality management processes
  • Train staff at all levels in ensuring the suitability of food contact materials, and build the competencies of your organization
  • Interpret and advise on legislation and guidelines on food contact materials
  • Handle disputes with the authorities
  • Specify the requirements that your products must meet on the export market
  • Act as an independent third party when a supplier does not wish to give proprietary information regarding the composition of a material to the customer 
  • Keep up to date on relevant regulations and guidelines