In our chemical analysis laboratory, we perform characterization and chemical analysis of almost all kinds of samples and materials.

We perform environmental analysis of air, all kinds of water, analysis in connection with damage and/or breakdown, analysis and characterization of fuel and residual products, contents of harmful substances such as heavy metals and phthalates in toys and jewels, identification and characterization of metal alloys, plastics, composites, rubber, foods and much more.

Testing laboratories with special equipment

In our well-equipped laboratories, we are able to work within highly specialized areas. Please see the following examples:

  • Sampling of environment – for instance drinking water and waste water
  • Content determination (even just trace) of metals, phthalates and other substances whether in emission samples, drinking water or waste water, technical water, jewels, toys or other subjects
  • Preliminary treatment such as crushing, cutting, drying, straining etc. of fuel and other residual products
  • Pretreatment such as crushing, carving, drying, straining etc. fuel and residual products
  • Advanced surface characterization at the nano-level of surface roughness and structures
  • Alloy characterization of metals
  • Identification and characterization of plastics, composites and rubber materials
  • Characterization of fractured surfaces to cover the cause of the break
  • Exposure to “artificial” weather by way of UV- and other kinds of light, temperatures and moisture to cover resistance  to specific conditions
  • Radioactivity meters e.g. for measuring biogenic and fossil CO2 in exhaust gas
  • Accredited testing laboratory
Our laboratories control comprehensive accreditation according to DS/ISO 17025. FORCE Technology’s chemical analysis are accredited for proving under DANAK reg. no. 8.

Local laboratories

Our local laboratories are situated in Brøndby and Vejen.

Water analysis
Metal analysis
Chemical analysis
Scratch cards analysis
Precious metal control