Extensive knowledge base within hygienic design and process technology

Denmark has a high level of food quality and food safety. As a consequence, both food producers and equipment manufacturers are constantly placing higher and higher requirements on the functionality of production equipment. It is about fast and efficient cleaning, good hygienic service life, sustainability, and the possibility of flexible production. In order to maintain our high level, it is crucial that knowledge is gathered, developed, and disseminated to the relevant industries.

Food safety drives development

This means that food producers put a great deal of attention on this and especially concerning documentation of production processes and food contact materials, which is largely due to the fact that the large retail chains continuously demand more and more knowledge about manufacturing processes. At the same time, there is a development towards increased sustainability, which requires an understanding of production and hygiene in a broader context.

At FORCE Technology, we focus on a holistic approach to food process design, where high food safety can also be achieved when radical new thinking is required, e.g. with the use of new materials, achieving a higher degree of automation with IoT and data, and adaptation to societal requirements (e.g. UN’s 17 Global Goals).

A broader perspective that includes an international focus on hygenic design

In the EU, EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) works continuously to improve guidelines for the industry in collaboration with retail, food producers and equipment manufacturers so that the future standard for production, logistics and other product handling is optimised with regard to hygiene.

The same applies to the US and the rest of the world. Therefore, it is vital to have a strong knowledge base, which is continuously updated by initiating and participating in development and research projects, among other things.

Hygenic design in the food and pharma industries 

There is also a growing interest in the food and pharma industries in learning from each other and making use of each other’s strengths. Thus, the pharma industry is strong within production processes and procedures as well as documentation, while the food industry is strong within hygienic design and cleanliness.

The process equipment used is often built from the same components.

At FORCE Technology, we are very aware that there are great benefits in an integration of needs and requirements, as the goal is ultimately the same - namely high consumer protection.

We gather knowledge across industries and use this, for instance, to develop new sensor principles and develop models that can improve the operation and design of processes. Our knowledge is based on guidelines and standards from the EHEDG, ISPE and ASME.