Hygienic design and product safety for the food, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries, including an EHEDG-accredited testing laboratory

The Centre for Hygienic Design (CHD) is a supplier of knowledge and services, giving businesses access to the latest knowledge in the fields of hygienic design and product safety.
The Centre is based within the food industry. The knowledge it has accumulated will also be of significant value to such industries as the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.
The goal of the Centre is to promote hygienic design, cleanliness, and the lifetime of process equipment, thereby reducing lifetime costs for production equipment.
The CHD includes an EHEDG-accredited testing laboratory — the only one in Denmark. The Centre supplies not only tailored validation services for hygienic performance and cleanliness, but also CIP cleaning monitoring and knowledge regarding food contact materials (FCMs). The Centre is part of research and development projects that support food product safety in businesses and keeping accumulated knowledge up to date.

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What capabilities do you get access to?

At the Centre for Hygienic Design, we offer:
  • EHEDG certification of process equipment 
  • Customer-tailored testing to validate cleanliness
  • Optimisation of closed process systems; e.g., using CFD
  • Consultancy regarding requirements specifications and optimal project flows
  • Monitoring and optimisation of CIP cleaning
  • Knowledge on documenting and combining food contact materials
  • Courses
  • Evaluation of gaskets and coupling functionality according to ASME BPE for
    steam sterilization (SIP) and cleaning (CIP) etc.


The Centre for Hygienic Design works with businesses in a wide range of fields: 

  • Equipment:
    Optimisation of component cleanliness, cleanliness testing and EHEDG certification, consultancy in the design phase on (e.g.) CFD calculations.
  • Food products and biotech:
    Identification of requirements necessary for hygienic design, cleanliness validation, optimisation of hygienic operation and maintenance, and product safety assessment
  • Pharmaceuticals:
    Leveraging hygienic design to ensure optimal aseptic processes, cleanliness validation, optimisation of hygienic operation and maintenance, process validation
  • Consultants and system suppliers:
    Optimisation of project processes with a focus on validation of hygienic design.