Use the SimFlex VR remote simulator for maritime training, practice and planning from anywhere – also onboard a vessel.

Proven results with advanced simulator training

Maritime training is expensive because it requires specialised equipment and facilities. You need simulators, training vessels, qualified instructors, navigation instruments, and safety gear to educate staff. Acquiring, maintaining, and operating these resources can be costly. In addition, there are fuel, port fees, crew salaries, provisioning, maintenance, insurance, and other operational expenses.

Simflex VR remote technology is already disrupting the maritime simulations training market since it is a proven, certified, remote, and cost-effective solution for maritime businesses.

Practice skills and decision-making abilities

The SimFlex VR remote maritime simulator provides a realistic and immersive environment for training and education in maritime operations where trainees can practice their skills and decision-making abilities in various simulated scenarios, such as:

  • docking
  • collision avoidance
  • adverse weather conditions
  • emergency situations
SimFlex VR

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Time and resource-efficient training on land and at sea

The key to good training is learning rather than teaching. Our instructor-led or self-study simulator training is internationally recognised and ensures logical progression from the participant's perspective. The focus is making you use what you have learnt so you know exactly how to react in any situation.

With SimFlex VR remote, you have the most recent content and training methods available. All instructors are certified and will create the best possible learning environment for Junior Officers, as well as for experienced Captains and Senior Officers. The self-study solution gives you access to various pre-defined courses and e-learning modules online for training and ship bridge simulations.

Remote training
Maritime Remote VR simulation training with instructor gives you easy and flexible access to our over 25 years of experience in maritime training – on your desktop.

The green and safe choice for maritime training

Maritime simulator training reduces fuel consumption and emissions by replacing real-world training exercises. The controlled environment is optimal for trainees to practice ship handling, navigation, and emergency response without the risks associated with actual operations. This ensures the safety of trainees and eliminates potential environmental hazards.

Self study
Remote VR simulation training as self-study gives you access to pre-defined courses and e-learning modules in the cloud.

World's first integrated onboard shipboard simulator

Our proven SimFlex VR simulator set-up connects to existing onboard equipment and integrates with the propulsion and steering systems. This means that the crew onboard can train from the comfort of the wheelhouse chair using the ships manoeuvring handles, making the training happen in the most flexible and realistic environment possible.
Did you know? You can also use SimFlex Remote for engineering studies to virtually modify or build new ports and offshore renewable projects from anywhere. It evaluates layouts with real-life criteria and facilitates fact-based and resource-efficient decisions
The remote engineering studies are performed with a certified engineer for optimal benefits. 

Hardware requirements and recommendations 

SimFlex Remote VR is based on a cloud setup or internet connection solution, which is accessible whenever convenient. The simulations can be performed on your own hardware, i.e., powerful PCs and monitors. For the full and realistic experience and training, PCs and bridge equipment may be connected to an immersive Augmented Reality setup provided by FORCE Technology. 

Additional services

The licensing system allows you to purchase additional services, such as ships, ports, courses, training, training logs and train-the-trainers programmes.
SimFlex VR

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