Flue gas cleaning units are commonly used to discharge clean air into the atmosphere and comply with environmental regulations.

Compliance of environmental regulations

At FORCE Technology, we have extensive experience working with some of the most used technologies for this purpose.
  • NOx reduction: SCR and SNCR.
  • SOx reduction: FGD and Scrubber.
  • Dust Particles Separation: Cyclones, Bag Filters, ESP and WESP.
SCR esp and fgd tower for coal fired power plant
SCR, ESP and FGD tower for Coal Fired Power Plant

Flue gas cleaning efficiency  

In order for these units to properly clean the gas, close attention must be paid to the efficiency at which they do so.

The efficiency of any flow dependent system is highly affected by the flow distribution inside of it. Poor flow distribution can lead to unit malfunctioning, since most internal processes are dependent on specific requirements, such as velocity or temperature optimal conditions. Inability of these processes to take place, will not only worsen the performance of a single unit, but it can also lead to strong repercussions in the performance of the entire system that it belongs to.

Flue gas cleaning units are no exception to this behavior. Improving the flow distribution inside the cleaning unit, allows necessary chemical reactions and heat transfer processes, to occur optimally. Optimal performance of these processes translates itself into better cleaning efficiency.

Scrubber unit
Scrubber Unit
SCR unit
SCR Unit

Increase your unit's efficiency

With more than 200 cases of experience we can optimise the flow distribution inside your flue gas cleaning unit, using our CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tools and methods. Our solutions ensure not only high cleaning efficiency under all loads and operating conditions, but also optimal performance, larger lifetime and reduced operational cost of units, through: 
  • Optimization of flow distribution
  • Optimization of injection systems
  • Improvement of mixing
  • Reduction of pressure drop
  • Minimisation of necessary cleaning substance
  • Reduced risk of erosion
  • Reduced risk of dust accumulation
  • Minimised recirculation areas
Flow Optimizing Guide Vanes
Flow Optimizing Mixers

Our CFD analyses are performed on full-scale 3D geometries constructed based on CAD data, and modifications of the model regarding operating conditions, guide vanes and injection systems, can be easily implemented to obtain the best flow conditions possible.

We also provide services of manufacturing and testing of scaled-down flow models in our facilities. This means that you have the possibility to choose between a CFD only study, an EFD (Experimental Fluid Dynamics) only study, or a combination of both studies.

Manufacturing and installation simplicity

Our flow optimisation process covers design, placement and selection of the minimum amount of conditioning devices needed to properly distribute the flow.

To do so, the baseline case is evaluated, and flow optimization devices are designed accordingly, taking into account manufacturing and installation simplicity. Injection systems are also optimized upon request, as well as the geometrical re-design or even initial design of flow ducts.

Work with validated solutions

Our services are based on world-wide experience in industrial fluid mechanics, access to state-of-the-art software and hardware facilities, sophisticated flow-measuring equipment and modern laboratory facilities. The combination of all these, has allowed us to do proper validation of our numerical models against experimental testing and full-scale data measured on site.
Scaled Down SCR Flow Model

Quick start

Upon order confirmation, receival of either 2D drawings or 3D geometries of anything from a unit to a full system, and receival of operating conditions, our team of experienced engineers and technicians are ready to start working on the flow optimisation.

Personalised assistance

When choosing to work with us, you can expect a team of responsible engineers open to ongoing dialogue and discussion. We aim to meet your requests as best as possible. We will adapt our models to the specific conditions that your systems are subject to, addressing particular issues or topics of interest.

Smart reporting

Our solutions are displayed in informative reports with a combination of flow contour plots, streamlines, and a compilation of all relevant values.

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