We offer consultancy on design and installation of flow dynamics in order to maximise performance, energy efficiency and environmental load.

The highest performance of a plant in a wide range of processes and technologies can be closely coupled to the flow conditions. Designing and optimising flow movement requires detailed knowledge about the actual dynamic situation. FORCE technology has a wealth of experience in measuring this.  

We offer a unique combination of physical experimentation and numerical analysis using both a mathematic model and our extensive practical experience. This ensures you can perfect the flow conditions in your plant or product by changing the design to obtain the optimal performance solution. 

Services within flow optimisation

We can support you in the entire process from consultancy at the design stage through diagnostics and evaluation to on site optimisation. 

Flow improvement is always performed in a close collaboration with the customer, as we need to integrate detailed specifics about your product as well as to consider other conditions besides the flow technology, such as production or application of the product. This is important in order for you to achieve a successful solution. 

The successful outcome of flow analysis and optimisation of your product or production process may be: 
  • increased performance and efficiency
  • reduced energy consumption
  • maximising production rate
  • minimised operational and maintenance costs 
  • reduced down time
  • minimisation of damage, wear and erosion
  • prolonged life time
  • reduced emissions
  • possibility of down sizing
  • effect of upscaling 
  • reduced pressure loss.


We have a long and wide experience in delivering flow-optimised solutions to the industry. Our consultancy services are based on a worldwide experience in industrial fluid dynamics, access to state-of-the-art software and hardware facilities together with sophisticated flow-measuring equipment and modern laboratory facilities. 

To be able to solve our clients challenges involving complex mathematics, we develop and implement models using a specially developed CFD tool.