Optimise and verify Offshore Wind Support Vessels

Ensure vessels excel in energy efficiency and safe operation, thanks to advanced CFD and hydrodynamic testing.

Computational services and testing facilities help optimise and verify fuel-efficient vessel design

Designing a vessel to operate efficiently with the smallest possible environmental footprint poses significant challenges for ship designers, shipyards, shipping companies, and offshore wind supply vessel owners. When designing and building support vessels like Wind Turbine Installation Vessels (WTIVs), Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOVs) and Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) , safety and efficiency during operation always come first. Achieving this requires meticulous attention to hydrodynamic and aerodynamic aspects to ensure the right vessel design with good energy efficiency and operational performance regarding good seakeeping properties, maneuverability and crew comfort. 

Every kind of offshore wind vessel can be tested and optimised at our facility

We can optimise vessel design, manoeuvring and seakeeping through computational fluid dynamics (CFD), hydro- and aerodynamics testing: 

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Optimise vessel designs

With computational tools, we can optimise vessel designs in relation to fuel consumption, maneuvering and seakeeping, thereby focusing the time needed for tank testing on the final design verification and enabling informed decision-making.
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Testing facilities providing realistic conditions

Our hydrodynamic testing facilities provide realistic conditions to assess the vessel's behaviour in terms of powering, manoeuvering, and seakeeping under normal operations as well as under extreme weather, waves, and current conditions.
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Enhance efficiency and performance

Our wind tunnels optimise aerodynamic designs, enhancing efficiency and performance based on assessments of wind and current loads. 

Navigate in the complexity of Offshore Wind Vessel design with confidence

We are one of the few with all the facilities above gathered in one place. By leveraging this and our expertise and solid experience, we can provide broad decision support, enabling ship designers, shipyards and shipping companies to navigate the complexities of vessel design with confidence and ensure vessels with optimised fuel consumption, reduced carbon footprints, and operational excellence in offshore wind environments.



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