The foundations of succes in Power-to-X

Power-to-X, as well as the development of sustainable fuels and technologies for storing and harnessing CO2, are critical to the green transformation of energy production in Denmark and Europe as a whole.

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A huge potential

While its economic and environmental potential is immense, the market for Power-to-X is characterised by immature, uncertain, and expensive technologies. The foundations of success are not yet in place. For Power-to-X to become a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to existing sources of energy, existing technology must become scalable. In addition to hydrogen production, facilities will also be needed to transform green wind and solar power into e-fuels and e-chemicals like methane, methanol, and ammonia. This imposes major requirements on the businesses developing and refining products to support these changes. As a result, we must work not only to develop Power-to-X technologies, but also to establish suitable conditions for the Power-to-X industry and its partners to tackle the task at hand.
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Testing existing networks and new constructions

Our work at FORCE Technology spans the entire value chain, from power generation to the production and use of green fuels like hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol. Our work also extends into the area of CCUS, including collaborations with actors in CO2 capture, transportation, storage, and utilisation.

We work with Power-to-X-related businesses and products in all phases, from development to documentation and verification. We test existing networks as well as new constructions to ensure that projects, processes, and physical technologies have been documented and verified.


Knowledge, standards, and testing facilities

To position Denmark at the forefront of Power-to-X, we at FORCE Technology are working on:
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Power-to-X standards are a necessity to make the transformation a success. Developing international and domestic standards alike in this area is important to ensure that Power-to-X can be safely and effectively developed and scaled up. Standards are a major factor in driving developments in the market.
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Testing environments and facilities

Access to a strong, innovative infrastructure of testing facilities is key to making Power-to-X the latest adventure in green growth, as many believe it will be for Denmark. Developing and using new technologies, materials, and products requires comprehensive testing to ensure that they are safe and effective. To that end, FORCE Technology is taking the lead in building strategic partnerships, knowledge, and advanced testing facilities to offer Danish Power-to-X businesses competitive advantages.
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Research, development, and knowledge sharing

In immature markets like Power-to-X and CCUS, where new knowledge is key, research and development is a major driving force for the entire value chain. FORCE Technology is bolstering Danish development and competitiveness by developing and sharing new knowledge, tools, and solutions through research and development projects, as well as other initiatives.
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