Efficient wind energy

For Denmark to gain independence from fossil fuels by 2050, green energy production must be increased. Wind energy, particularly offshore wind energy, will be the largest contributor to this effort. At FORCE Technology, we are working to develop new knowledge and technological solutions to support the wind industry today and in the future.

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A key role in the green transformation

Wind turbines, both on land and at sea, play a key role in the green transformation. Denmark is a global leader in this area, including in the development of the larger, more productive, reliable, and efficient wind turbines that will be necessary in the future.

As the wind industry grows, so does its complexity: more vendors, more technical installations, more infrastructure, and consequently, more risks. This makes quantitative and proactive risk management and minimisation more important than ever - and these are challenges that every actor in the industry must face. Developments in this area include data-driven technological services for the entire value chain, supporting the wind industry in its expansion as Denmark progresses towards climate neutrality while also ensuring continued growth in the Danish wind energy industry.
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Sustainable and digital solutions

FORCE Technology has been providing services to the wind industry ever since the first standalone wind turbines began operating, and we are a global leader in design, operation, and maintenance services for wind turbines and platforms. In light of this, participating in green and digital developments is a natural choice for us.

More than ever before, our focus is on reducing costs and improving wind turbine efficiency, from design to end-of-life. Anchored in our impartiality and high level of professional expertise, we are helping to develop sustainable and digital solutions to ensure that the industry and its partners develop continuously; remain efficient; and deliver innovative, high-quality solutions.

From design to end-of-life

To ensure that our wind industry maintains its leading position in the development of required technologies, we are working on:
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More knowledge for better decision-making

Providing more knowledge and enabling better decision-making for businesses involved in the wind value chain, from the initial stages of design, testing, and validation through to production, installation, operation, and maintenance.
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Testing environments and facilities

Securing better and faster access to development and testing environments for the development of a more efficient, sustainable, and safe wind turbine industry.
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Research, development, and knowledge sharing

Developing and sharing new knowledge, tools, and solutions to bolster Danish competitiveness and facilitate data-driven green growth. We accomplish this in a variety of ways, including research and development projects.
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