Get help for measuring and calculating wind turbine noise, and for preparing accredited reports as documentation for the public authorities.

Independent consultancy on wind turbine noise

Wind turbine construction requires documentation of noise consequences for the nearby areas.

If you need to get the installation of a wind turbine approved – large or small, new or old – we can calculate the noise impact of the project and prepare the required documentation for the public authorities’ processing of application about the project.

We have a long tradition of cooperating with companies in the energy sector, including assistance related to local plans in the form of environmental impact assessments (EIA), and noise reduction and action plans for compliance with noise limits.

During the planning phase, we calculate the noise contributions impacting the neighbours using the wind turbine manufacturer's sound power level of the wind turbine or wind turbines, in the case of a wind farm.

Benefit from our wind turbine noise expertise

You get access to the highest quality of consultancy, measurement and calculation of wind turbine noise.

We have co-developed the internationally recognised measurement technique IEC 61400-11, which is the basis for the methods used in the Danish regulations on wind turbine noise. We also participate as a consultative party. This gives you access to first-hand knowledge on the measurement of wind turbine noise.

We use a tried and tested system to measure wind turbine noise. You can be confident that your measurements are handled efficiently, from planning the measurements to reporting the results.

Regularly, we prepare reports for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and participate in research projects, e.g. concerning smart noise regulation of wind turbines. This is our way of helping ensure that wind turbine noise knowledge is kept up to date.

Accredited noise measurement when installing new wind turbines

When commissioning a wind turbine, we measure the sound power level at the wind turbine or – if it is a wind farm – at least three wind turbines.

Based on the applicable executive order on noise notice at the time of approval, we calculate the noise contributions impacting the neighbours at wind speeds of 6 and 8 m/s at 10 metres altitude.

For wind turbines approved after 2011, the noise contributions from other wind turbines in the area must also be calculated. Therefore, the total noise of all relevant wind turbines in the vicinity of the neighbours must comply with the applicable noise limits.

Noise measurement in the type approval of wind turbines

For type approval, we measure noise from wind turbines according to the internationally recognised measurement technique IEC 61400-11, on large and small wind turbines, in Denmark as well as abroad.

We work under the DANAK accreditation Nr. 100, which is your guarantee that our reports meet both national and international requirements.

This allows you to submit our report as proof of compliance with applicable requirements in the approval process.

Measurement and calculation of offshore wind turbine noise

Offshore wind turbines are installed at sea. The latest executive order on wind turbine noise (BEK 135) also describes noise measurement on wind turbines located at sea. Like wind turbines on land, we can calculate the noise from the wind turbines using the method from the executive orders on wind turbines.

The calculation method for the sound propagation over water is updated in the latest executive order (BEK 135). This update is based on a study we have conducted for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. Therefore, you benefit from the latest knowledge in the area when you collaborate with us.

Sound propagation – Nord2000 model

Knowledge of sound propagation is one of our unique competencies – also when dealing with sources located up high such as wind turbines.

We were one of the architects of the sound propagation model Nord2000, a recognised and frequently used model for calculating the sound propagation of noise from wind turbines.

Read more about the DecoWind research project, which we participate in, and which focuses on further improvement and validation of the Nord2000 calculation model.

Noise and vibration from subcomponents

We offer advice, measurement and documentation of acoustic noise and vibrations from subcomponents in accordance with applicable directives, executive orders and international standards.

Measurements of noise and vibrations are performed at our laboratories or on-site at your location.

Read more about testing and documentation of machine noise and vibrations.

Noise from power plants

Power plants must comply with the public authorities' requirements for measuring and documenting noise.

We offer consultancy and measurements that ensure you the most in-depth knowledge of your noise emissions and impact in the adjacent area. We prepare action plans with instructions on how you can reduce noise from the plant.

Read more about calculation and measurement of environmental noise.

Contact us for more information on wind turbine noise or read more about acoustics, noise and vibrations.