We test and document noise and vibrations from machines. We are appointed as notified body for machine noise measurement for CE labelling and accredited by DANAK to perform measurements of noise and vibrations.

We have almost 80 years of experience providing consultancy services within noise, acoustics and vibrations.

Accredited noise and vibration measurements and documentation

We offer consultancy services, measurement and documentation of acoustic noise and vibration from machines in accordance with applicable directives, executive orders and international standards. Noise and vibration measurements are performed in our laboratories or on-site with machinery suppliers and manufacturers.

We perform measurements of noise and vibrations under DANAK accreditation no. 100, which is your guarantee that our reports meet both national and international requirements.

As a customer of FORCE Technology, you get access to our advanced equipment and benefit from our long-standing expertise within noise and vibration measurements, testing, analysis, advice and reduction of noise emissions.

Advice on machine noise and vibrations in product development

A noise and vibration dampened product can provide market advantages.

We offer advice and measurement of acoustic noise and vibrations from machines from the conceptual phase of prototype development until the finished product.

During the product development we will help you use the right materials and test the noise characteristics before you use the materials to manufacture the product. We can also assist you optimising the sound quality and sound design, where we create and compose the "right" sound for your product.

Furthermore, we can assist with sound insulation, audio radiation, structural dynamics, methods of calculation, testing, and verification.

Machine noise measurements

Noise measurement in CE labelling of machinery under the Machinery Noise Directive

FORCE Technology is designated as notified body by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency to carry out noise measurements for the use of CE labelling under the executive order on machinery noise. This executive order implements Directive 2000/14/EC of the European Parliament and the Council, “The Machinery Noise Directive".

Machinery subject to the executive order may be marketed or put into service only if it complies with rules on maximum noise levels or noise labelling. There are noise limits for a wide range of machinery, for example, lawnmowers, forklift trucks, excavator loaders, dozers and similar construction machinery.

We perform a wide range of other types of noise declarations and noise measurements at the operator level, which is part of our extensive DANAK accreditation.

Cancelling machine noise

We offer advice on measuring, calculating and dampening noise from machines.

To ensure an optimum solution, we begin a project by mapping out the noise of the product. To accomplish this, we use our advanced measuring equipment to document the sound output from various sub-sources on the product.

Based on this, we define the order of priority of the most dominant sources of noise. From this, we can draw up the necessary noise-cancelling measures to ensure an optimum solution.

Examples of noise-cancelling measures can be the design of noise shielding, calculations of noise dampeners for ventilation and exhaust systems, replacement of components for quieter types, elastic mounting of machinery and piping systems.

Vibration measurements

Vibrations are shocks, and if they occur in the working environment, the Danish Working Environment Authority has rules on how these may affect people. Therefore, it is important to be able to measure and analyse the impact with regard to a good working environment. We have the equipment to measure and report hand-arm vibrations and full-body vibrations in relation to the working environment and in accordance with the rules of the Working Environment Authority.

Assessment of conditions of machinery and equipment in relation to vibrations

Vibrations occur everywhere where machines are in operation. In particular, unbalanced machines give rise to vibrations and thus poor operating conditions in production. Perhaps the vibrations are passed on to other parts of the process or cause annoying noise.

We offer advice about the assessment of the condition of machinery and equipment – and we provide solutions so that production is not unnecessarily disturbed.

Calculation and advice on outdoor vibrations

Buildings can be affected by vibrations from nearby machines, e.g. from construction machinery or a railroad nearby. If the vibrations are strong, they may cause discomfort to the people who are in the adjacent buildings or damage to buildings.

Therefore, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency has set limits on vibrations within buildings and low-frequency noise caused by vibration influences.

We offer the contractor, employer, residents and insurance companies studies of the vibration influences that ensure that you can:

  • Document whether a limit is met or exceeded
  • Monitor, i.e. monitor for shorter or longer periods
  • Preliminary studies, e.g. related to EIA analyses(environmental assessments)
  • Problem solve or prevent damage to buildings

Over a number of years, we have accumulated extensive experience regarding vibrations, and we have developed a tool to calculate how the vibrations propagate. In addition, we are accredited to measure vibrations in the external environment. When assessing the risk of building damage due to vibrations, we follow, for example, DIN 4150-3.

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