Expand your knowledge about the acoustic properties of products, including sound insulation, sound reduction index, impact sound insulation, improvement of impact sound insulation, as well as the absorption area and coefficients.

FORCE Technology conducts laboratory measurements either as DANAK accredited technical tests or as informative measurements. The results from these measurements can be valuable for optimizing, comparing, documenting, or classifying building components. They can also serve as a basis for calculating acoustic conditions in buildings. All measurements are performed in accordance with relevant ISO, EN, DS, and ASTM standards.

Measurements and documentation of acoustic properties

We perform acoustic measurements and provide documentation for various acoustic properties and products, including:

  • sound absorption of acoustic ceilings, floor coverings, wall coverings, office screens
  • airborne sound insulation of windows, panes, doors, walls, floor and ceiling structures, façade elements, and air vents
  • impact sound insulation of floor coverings, marine floorings and floor structures
  • improvement of impact sound insulation due to floor coverings
  • sound absorption and airborne sound insulation properties of noise barriers
  • speech level reduction of furniture, office screens, working pods and phone booths

In addition, we offer supplementary acoustic simulations and calculations of different acoustic properties, such as sound absorption and sound insulation.

Take a tour of our acoustic laboratories

Montering af gipsvæg og måling af akustiske egenskaber i måleåbning til måling af lydisolation
In the sound insulation laboratory located in Lyngby, we have the capability to arrange test specimens such as drywalls, glass panels, and MDF walls to measure their sound insulation properties. The accompanying image illustrates a drywall mounted within the measurement aperture for conducting sound insulation measurements.
At the Lyngby laboratory, we also conduct tests of impact sound insulation, the improvement of impact sound reduction due to floor coverings and suspended ceilings, as well as drum noise evaluations for various types of floors and floor coverings, e.g. linoleum, wooden floorings, and concrete decks.
measuring sound isolation
In the Aarhus sound insulation laboratory, we have a smaller measurement aperture available for evaluating the sound insulation of smaller building elements like windows, doors, glazing, ventilation units, and more. In the photo, you can see a steel plate installed in the measurement aperture, which is also used for measuring the sound insulation of windows.
The bigger measurement aperture in the Aarhus sound insulation laboratory
The bigger measurement aperture in the Aarhus sound insulation laboratory can be used to evaluate the sound insulation of walls and partitions. On the photo above, you can see a glass partition installed in the measurement aperture for the measurement of sound reduction index.