We offer to measure and calculate environmental noise for companies and construction projects for documentation purposes to the public authorities. We also offer consultancy services on measures to mitigate noise and comply with noise limits.

Preliminary studies and calculations of consequences of noise are prerequisites for a good relationship between companies, neighbours and environmental authorities.

FORCE Technology offers a wide range of accredited specialized services within measuring, calculating and advising on environmental noise.

We have almost 80 years of experience with noise, acoustics and vibrations.

Environmental noise measurements and proper documentation of industrial companies

The majority of large industrial companies have an environmental approval that sets the limits for noise they may emit in the surrounding area. Based on this, you, as a company, are aware of the consequences of your noise emissions and the opportunities for unaltered production and continued growth if dwellings are built nearby.

We offer to measure environmental noise from companies and develop action plans in cooperation with you. Using our DANAK accreditation, we ensure proper documentation of the noise ratio and contribute to a constructive dialogue with the environmental authority.

If you need to document the environmental noise of a product or an expansion of the company, we can issue accredited reports to be submitted for the authority's processing of applications. If the company is too noisy, we offer advice on noise mitigation and draw up action plans for compliance with noise limits.

Reduction of environmental noise from restaurants

Many restaurants, cafés and pubs are located in the middle of residential areas with many neighbours. Therefore, environmental noise from cafés and music venues gives rise to complaints about noise from time to time.

As a restaurateur, you can have specific proposals to reduce noise prepared. This includes, for instance, suspending the music system’s loudspeakers more effectively or the attenuation of the sound in the rooms, thereby reducing the risk of complaints from the neighbours.

By measuring both the noise within the establishment and the soundproofing between the establishment and the neighbour, the music system can be set and sealed so that the noise limits related to the neighbour can be observed. If the property is old, it may be necessary to improve the sound insulation of windows, walls or ceilings.

Thorough preliminary studies may reduce construction site noise

If you have to obtain approval of a construction project or a construction work, we can calculate the noise impact of the project to be used for the environmental impact assessment or other environmental assessments, authority approval and the like.

Based on information on the type and number of noisy machines (e.g. pile drivers and excavators) and expected operating times, we can build a noise model of the construction site and neighbouring areas. By doing so, we can calculate which machines may cause the noise limit values to be exceeded and thus suggest methods of noise mitigation. Examples of noise-mitigation measures are the establishment of noise fences or a more appropriate distribution of machines on the site over the working day.

Environmental noise from construction sites is particularly topical in large cities, where the construction of Metro, light rail and buildings often occur close to many apartment buildings.

Many complaints from neighbours occur because insufficient preliminary studies have been carried out when planning new housing or the location of business areas. If such studies are not carried out, it is both costly, complicated – and in some cases, quite impossible – to reduce noise to comply with the noise requirements.

The construction site as a workplace

Also, we can identify and advise on reducing the noise level on the construction site itself so that you ensure a tolerable working environment for the crew at the site.

We can, among other things, help you ensure that you have provided the required equipment for personal protection to avoid hearing impairment and other discomforts, as well as by noise-mitigating machines that may be instrumental to an unnecessarily high noise level on the construction site.

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