Make sure that your wind turbine foundations and towers are manufactured according to the current standards and in accordance with your requirements.

Quality assurance reduces costly repair

Quality assurance is about delivering the correct product in the expected condition and at the agreed time, place and price.

You avoid costly repair by safeguarding against variations and unnecessary changes in design and repair during production, which delay and increases the cost of production.

By a closely monitoring third party inspector’s presence – partly or constantly during manufacturing - the quality of the products are ensured so that errors are noticed and corrected as fast as possible during production.

Technical expertise from start to end 

FORCE Technology offers technical expertise from start to end during production of welded steel structures and the following paintwork. We check the correctness of and inspect the welding and the performed paintwork.

As the owner’s consultant and representative on the production site we ensure this throughout the project: 

  • Product quality
  • Revelation of deviation from standard specifications as soon as possible in the production process 
  • Check whether standards, procedures and specifications are met
  • Precise and timely reporting. 
We audit suppliers before and maybe parallel to the course of production. This includes evaluation and revision of the sub-supplier’s production facilities as well as examination of procedures and specifications for production and production control. We also perform random NDT verification of steel and surface treatment so that you are sure that the quality of your product is OK.

We participate in meetings with your suppliers worldwide, where we offer current assistance in connection with treatment of possible deviations, if any, and corrective actions to the scope that you may need. 

Many years’ experience with third party inspection

The individual inspection programs, which particularly add importance to tracking and reporting, are adjusted in consultation with you and your wishes to frequency and extent. 

FORCE Technology has contributed with third party inspections within manufacturing of foundations, towers, platforms and general surface treatment and corrosion protection in the largest offshore projects. Through the last ten years our experienced and certified inspectors and engineers have thus gained knowhow from many projects around the world, with hands-on knowledge of manufacturing, building sites and various inspection methods. 

Our experienced inspectors may for instance have a background as welding technicians (IWT) or welding specialists (IWS), and they have a wide knowledge of NDT (EN ISO 9712). Furthermore, inspection is performed by coating and surface treatment of NS 476 (FROSIO)-certified inspectors.

Contact us if you want assistance to quality assure production of your wind turbines.