Sustainability documentation

Sustainable development and the green transition are on everyone's agenda. Get help to identify the right focus areas and solutions – and ensure documentation that conveys the effect of your efforts.

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Key role in the green transition 

Environmental assessments play a vital role in the green transition as an objective method to show which part of a product's life cycle or a company's activities impact the environment the most. Environmental assessments are also essential as documentation to comply with legal requirements and customer demands.
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Documentation that creates value

We help our customers meet regulatory requirements and stakeholder demands using our impartiality and professional expertise.

As an accredited certifying body, we prepare environmental assessments per internationally recognised standards, offer consulting services on the environmental impact at both the business and product level, and always bring forward innovative solutions and alternatives. We consult on everything from carbon neutrality to sound environmental communication and the production of materials for communication, resource optimisation and reuse.

Sustainability documentation to fit every need  

To support a company's green transformation, we offer the following services:
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Environmental assessments to support decision-making

This tool identifies the significant environmental impact of a product, system or technology, providing knowledge and guidance on where to set in to achieve the best solutions and results.
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Documentation to support claims

Whether you need documentation for regulatory compliance purposes or as a claim to support marketing materials, we are your impartial partner for applied environmental analysis services. We develop documentation following internationally recognised standards, including LCAs, carbon footprint analyses, climate accounting, EPDs, etc.
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Research, development, and knowledge sharing 

We develop and share new knowledge, tools and solutions to improve a company's competitiveness and create more sustainable businesses and products through research and development projects and as an expert partner in numerous networks.

CO2 verification and certification

Our subsidiary, FORCE Certification, also offers CO2 verification and certification within management systems, including Environmental Management (ISO 14001) and Energy Management (ISO 50001).

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