An LCA makes it possible for you to document and explain how your product or service impacts the environment.

LCA as a decision parameter

Many important decisions within the environmental area are based on an LCA. For instance, decisions about how we can reduce our energy consumption and climate impact, how to handle the increasing amounts of waste from households, trade and industry in the best way possible.

LCA therefore affects consumer decisions about which products to choose and consequently also affects your company, regardless if you design, produce or sell products for the Danish or international market.  

LCA for decision making 

In an LCA, a wide range of environmental impacts are calculated in a cradle-to-grave or cradle-to-cradle perspective in accordance with acknowledged methods and standards. The result ensures a solid foundation for making decisions and it documents the environmental profile. 

LCA can, among other things, be applied for:

  • Eco-design of products and services
    What are the environmental consequences of choosing between different materials or solutions?

  • Selection of focus areas
    How does your product or service affect the environment in its whole life cycle? By identifying the primary environmental impacts (hot spots) in the life cycle of the products, you can prioritise your environmental efforts and understand where to best implement improvement activities that achieve the greatest effect.

  • Sustainability communication
    A life cycle assessment is an effective tool to document the green messages in your marketing strategy and efforts. Many types of green claims and messages may only be put forward if they can be documented with an LCA.

  • Green business models and circular economy
    LCA can be used to evaluate to what extent new business models and circular economy models are sustainable in the short- and long-term.

Our many years of experience within assessment of environmental properties for products and services ensures that your company receives a focused and professional analysis. Below, you can learn more about some of the many applications of LCA, what they imply for your company, and how we can help.

Our services within LCA

Our services within LCA include: 

  • Life cycle assessments (LCA) and Product Environmental Footprint
    We perform detailed analysis and assessment of your product or service according to applicable standards – and possibly compare with competing products and services.
  • Critical review of life cycle assessments (LCA review)
    We go through LCAs initiated by your company itself or by other consultants in order to ensure that the quality of the LCA meets internationally approved standards, and that you can apply these results for the desired purpose. We also perform third-party verification of LCA calculations which are communicated to customers as environmental product declarations (EPDs).
  • LCA based tools
    We develop different types of tools based on LCA, which can be used to generate results for various products and scenarios. The tools can be build for use by non-experts such as sales people or product developers.
  • Cradle-to-Cradle (CtC)
    We develop tools for solving chemistry problems and closing cycles (where waste forms part of a new cycle as a resource) in co-operation with companies and other stakeholders.
  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
    We deliver environmental documentation in accordance with ISO and EN standards based on life cycle assessments (LCA). We comply with ISO 14025 and EN 15804, and we build up LCA models which meet standard demands for both consumer products and construction products. Furthermore, we deliver documentation that can be used for marketing purposes or for national and international schemes on environmental product declarations.
  • Eco-design
    We offer consultancy and development of LCA based tools in connection with eco-design enabling you to develop more sustainable products, which live up to current and future environmental requirements from municipalities, customers and other relevant stakeholders. For example, you can have comparable data for the energy efficiency of components or you can ensure that your newly developed/improved product only contains a minimum of scarce resources.
  • Carbon footprint
    We prepare carbon footprints where standardised methods, for instance Greenhouse Gas Protocol, are used to calculate the emission of climate gases from the product during its lifetime from production to disposal. Additionally, we can advise you on the standards that should be applied at your markets and for your specific purpose.

Our competences within LCA

We have many years of experience with development, documentation and consultancy within environmental assessment and LCA. 

We participate in international standardization work, we work according to internationally approved standards and we use the newest software programs within the area. We service both private companies, public authorities as well as educational institutions.

If you have questions or want to learn more about life cycle assessment (LCA), don't hesitate to contact us.