Based on environmental assessments / Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), legislation, testing and materials, we assist you towards a more circular and sustainable product development process.

It is essential to view the product portfolio from a sustainable perspective to protect our environment. A significant part of a product's environmental impact is determined in the design phase. This makes it crucial that sustainability and circularity are integrated into product development, as well as into your company's strategy and processes. 

How we assist you towards greater sustainability and circularity in product development 

We help your company develop a systematic, holistic, and process-oriented approach to sustainable product development. You may involve us right from the start, or we may serve as the constructively critical eye on your already well-thought-out strategies and processes.

With our expertise and support at every step of the process, we guide you through the various aspects of eco-design in product development. This may include:

  • Outside eyes on or verification of your existing approaches – or input to get you started
  • Systematic review of product development processes or tools, to ensure a focus on the big picture
  • Know-how on environmental trade-offs and input for prioritisation, so you focus on the most impactful areas
  • Focus on the systems your products are part of, which can be crucial for their environmental impact
  • Input for the use of materials, including scarce materials, undesirable substances and critical components
  • Suggestions for implementation in your company, e.g. training and education of employees
  • Assurance that sustainability and circularity work consider new requirements, standards etc.
  • Definition of relevant KPIs

We can also help you with the sustainability screening of a specific product early in the development phase. 

What expertise do we bring?

Thanks to our wide range of professional skills at FORCE Technology and solid experience in product development, we cover all aspects of your efforts towards sustainable product development and circularity. We know what you should focus on and can draw on the specialist know-how relevant to your industry.

  • Solid background in ecodesign and circular strategies from a corporate perspective
  • Specialist competencies in areas such as environmental assessment, eco-labelling, materials, electronics, life cycle assessment, compliance, End-of-Life and green business models
  • Familiarity with the latest research findings – and the ability to implement them
  • Updated knowledge of the legislative framework for the circular economy, including the EU’s ecodesign directive and the taxonomy for sustainable activities

How do we collaborate in the product development process?

Collaborating with us is an iterative process characterised by openness and professionalism. Specifically, the collaboration may include elements such as:

  • Assessment and analysis of existing processes and approaches, including legislation and standards, e.g. the ecodesign directive
  • Workshops with the participation of specialists from FORCE Technology with diverse perspectives and areas of knowledge
  • Ongoing dialogue and sparring
  • Sharing of experiences and project results, e.g. through a presentation or a lecture, with opportunities for questions and discussions

How to get started with sustainable product development and circularity

Please contact us for a complete review of your efforts towards sustainable and circular product development. This ensures high quality of your processes and gives you a strong position in relation to customers and competitors.


Ecodesign is a design process that systematically integrates environmental considerations from the outset to minimise a product's environmental impact throughout its entire life cycle. This includes everything from the choice of materials, manufacturing, use, and ultimately recycling or disposal. By focusing on factors such as lifetime, energy consumption, resource use, emissions, and waste production, ecodesign aims to create products that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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