Consultancy within environmental strategy, documentation and communication to help ensure that your messages are conveyed correctly and are well-founded.

Environmental communication which adds value

Continuously heavier demands are made to the environmental communication and sustainability efforts of companies. 

Where strategy can be complex, the communication hereof should be simple, credible and well documented. Further to this, if you want to show your efforts within sustainability, there are special rules to follow regarding the underlying documentation.

With a revision of the Accounts Act, the largest Danish companies have been imposed to report about their efforts with sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), including how they approach these efforts. 

Also for small companies, working strategically with the environmental communication might turn out to be a commercial advantage for the company.

Services within environmental communication

We offer a number of services within communication of environmental strategy and documentation. The starting point is always your needs and the specific conditions which apply to your company:

  • Environmental strategy

    We offer to act as your sparring partner in determining an overall strategy in the environmental field or in connection with strategic efforts related to specific subtopics. For instance, when setting targets within an established environmental management system.
  • Sustainability communication

    We advise on how the work of the company with social, ethical and environmental conditions can be disseminated and how to ensure that current legislation on sustainability communication is complied with and greenwashing is avoided. For example, what you may claim in your marketing and which documentation is required.
  • Environmental product declarations

    We communicate the results of an environmental assessment or life cycle assessment (LCA) for a product to the right target group and ensure that it complies with the requirements in the applicable standards. 
  • Consultancy on ecolabels

    We assist companies in obtaining eco-label licenses for products, for instance the European Ecolabel, the Flower, the Nordic Ecolabel, or the Swan.

Comprehensive approach ensures fulfilment of commercial potential without greenwashing

We offer consultancy, preparation, documentation and communication of your environmental initiatives and results. We can advise you from the beginning to the end of your project, assuring that you apply your resources optimally, both from an economic and an environmental point of view.

We offer preparation of calculations, statements and applications in connection with communication of environmental and sustainability initiatives, ensuring that you fulfil current standards within the area.

The subsequent result of our consultancy services and solutions is that your initiatives and results are communicated to your stakeholders in accordance with the current legislation to give a true and reliable picture of the company. Thereby you avoid greenwashing, and at the same time meet business potentials.

Our competences within environmental communication

Our consultancy services and solutions begin with our expertise within the sustainability and CSR area. We have worked with sustainability reporting in international companies, which ensures a reliable basis for design of solutions on a strategic as well as an operational level. 

We have many years of experience with consultancy and documentation within environmental communication where we work in accordance with international standards.