Green business models can turn ideas into sustainable and successfull solutions for your company.

Green business models and sustainable initiatives

Focus on green business models can ensure that good ideas turn into sustainable business. 

The ongoing green transformation leads to several economic, regulatory and structural changes, which effect most industries. A greater focus on green business models can ensure that your business is prepared for future legal requirements, customer requirements, energy supply’s, scarce resources, waste handling systems etc. However, experience and insights are required when the opportunities in the green transformation are to be exploited successfully.

During recent years, a strong focus has been laid on adaptation of existing products and services in order to make them more sustainable or resource-efficient, for instance by recycling products or reducing the energy consumption during production.

Furthermore, the increasing focus on the limited resources of the earth, and how to use them effectively without damaging the environment, makes it necessary to rethink habits and ways of production, consumption and removal.

Sustainable consultancy ensures successful sustainable solutions

We offer consultancy in each of the phases including:

  • Development of ideas
  • Strategy
  • Financing
  • Choice of materials
  • Design
  • Production method
  • Marketing
  • Product disposal 

We determine possible solutions and alternative models that ensure that your company has the best basis for decision making ensuring that ideas translate into green, successful and sustainable solutions.

As a customer at FORCE Technology, you can expect the correct documentation of calculations and solutions. Whether the purpose is for financial applications, marketing of a product or similar, we offer consultancy in these phases.

A collaboration with us gives you a partner who takes an active role from when the idea arises until the product is launched. We can help you apply for public and private grants, which support the sustainable development in companies.

Our competences within green business models 

Our experts have many years of experience with consultancy within sustainable strategies and solutions. 

We have developed models and methods of calculation which can support your green business ideas. We have in depth knowledge of the environmental, health and legal challenges as well as improvement potentials, which characterise specific materials, products and processes.

If you have questions or simply want to learn more about green business models, circular economy and how your ideas can become green business, do not hesitate to contact us.