Climate and CObased documentation to customers and authorities about your company's environment impact.

Climate documentation for use in marketing and communication

Today, companies face an increase in demands for the reduction and documentation of their own climate impacts. These demands make it is necessary for the companies to be able to produce documented carbon accounts, product carbon footprints and targeted climate efforts. Subsequently it is important to communicate this information in a reliable way to relevant target groups.

Many companies have an internal wish to work in a structured manner with their own climate impact and use this actively in their marketing. To avoid greenwashing, it is essential that the background data that forms the basis of the climate and environmental communication is as correct as possible.

We ensure that you can document the climate impact of your company to your customers or relevant authorities if for instance your company is subject to a legal obligation to document, for example via the Quota Law.

Correct consultancy – adjusted to the purpose

Irrespective of the starting point, the first step is to calculate and document how your company effects the environment and how much greenhouse gas is emitted as a result of company activities. 

Typically, CO2 is used as a parameter for measuring climate impacts, but also other greenhouse gasses have an impact on the environment. Among other things, such a documentation can consist of a climate account, a carbon footprint or a verification of the CO2 emission.

Svaneke Bryghus can now print on the labels that the beer is brewed CO2 neutral.


Svaneke Bryghus is Denmark's first CO2 neutral brewery

Svaneke Bryghus is the first Danish brewery to document that they produce and bottle their beer in a CO2 neutral way.

Climate documentation in accordance with approved standards

Documentation from FORCE Technology is prepared in accordance with internationally approved standards. This ensures the credibility and makes it possible to target the efforts, optimise the initiatives and thus achieve the greatest effect, which makes sense economically as well as functionally. 

This gives your company a solid basis to inform customers, business partners and interested parties about the climate profile and the optimised strategies.

Our services within climate documentation and COinclude:

  • Preparation of climate accounts
    You achieve a balance of the emission of greenhouse gasses from your company, organisation, service or other activity. For this we use internationally acknowledged standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and the accounts include relevant direct and indirect climate impacts.
  • Preparation of a carbon footprint
    You receive a calculation of the emission of greenhouse gasses from your product using life cycle based methods. We do the calculation by means of a life cycle assessment (LCA) for the part, which you as a producer have direct influence on, but it can also be extended to include the user phase, removal of the product or a recycling process.
  • Help for CO2 reduction and neutrality
    You receive consultancy on how to reduce CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gasses as well as consultancy on the possibilities for optimising your energy consumption, purchasing or investing in environmentally friendly energy. At the same time, we will advise you on how to obtain credible reductions or CO2 neutrality by means of buying allowances or offset.
  • Science based targets / scientific targets
    Do you want you company’s climate reduction targets to be in line with international climate scientists and reflect that your company is taking on its fair share of the greenhouse gas reductions, which are needed to keep the global temperature rise below the politically agreed level? In that case, we can help you select the right method and calculate how ambitious your targets needs to be.
  • CO2 verification
    You receive a statement of the CO2 emissions in your company, which is prepared in accordance with statutory demands by our approved CO2 verifiers. Furthermore, we offer impartial third party verifications, which you can use if you voluntarily wish to document the emission of greenhouse gasses from your company to the outside world.

Our competences within climate and CO2

FORCE Technology has extensive experience of documentation and consultancy within climate and CO2 emissions. Our services always begin with a dialogue with our customer regarding your specific needs so we can design a solution that will give the most value to your business. 

If you wish to learn more on climate documentation, please do not hesitate to contact us.