MEGA loop, the world's largest facility for high-pressure calibration of flowmeters, guarantees gas buyers and sellers the lowest possible level of uncertainty in the custody transfer value chain.

Put simply, an inaccurate flowmeter creates inaccuracies in the purchase of gas volumes. For some larger gas buyers or sellers, the inaccuracy could mean millions lost. Calibration at FORCE Technology's facilities guarantees accuracy: that the quantity you buy or sell is indeed correct. Jesper Busk / Senior Specialist, Gas Flow Operations, FORCE Technology

Customers need even greater calibration capacity and flexibility 

"Our global customers keep introducing larger and larger flowmeters on the market. We see an increase in global demand for calibrating large flowmeters at high pressure and a stable flow. An expansion of our existing calibration facilities, the MEGA loop will be able to calibrate flowmeters used to measure enormous flows of gaseous fluids. We are doubling our capacity from 32,000 to 65,000 cubic meters an hour to accommodate large flowmeters that have proven to be un-calibratable due to their size thus far," Senior Specialist in Gas Flow Operations at FORCE Technology Jesper Busk says. 

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Tiny or huge flowmeters, the MEGA loop can calibrate them all

A dry calibration is usually incorrect 

Before, owners of large flowmeters needed to trust that the dry calibration performed by flowmeter manufacturers was indeed accurate. Dry calibration means calibrating a flowmeter without gas. Wet calibration is calibration with gas and in real-time.  

"Our many years of experience with gas flow calibrations show that wet calibrations are more accurate than dry ones. A majority of the flowmeters we calibrate come directly from the manufacturers and have been dry-calibrated before leaving the factory. As good as all of them are inaccurate to a smaller or larger degree when we get them and need to be adjusted to measure correctly, " Jesper says. 

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Nothing of this size and scope around  

"As it is a closed loop, we can calibrate at the customer's desired pressure as opposed to other facilities that offer a pre-determined pressure that may or may not match the environment in which the flowmeter will operate. We are the first in the world to provide closed-loop calibration at this scale for natural gas, or indeed any gaseous source – also hydrogen. The MEGA loop is ready to be a steppingstone in the green transition and can accommodate gas mixes with up to 25% hydrogen." Jesper says.  


The MEGA loop: 

  • Is 55 m long and 15 m wide 
  • Works at the primary level and generates traceability by contributing to the development of the European Reference Meter in the EuReGa collaboration, providing the lowest possible uncertainty. 
  • Is made up of two separate calibration lines:
    • Line I can calibrate meters from 50 m3/h to 40000 m3/h in the pressure range 3-65 bar 
    • Line II can calibrate meters from 3 m3/h to 5000 m3/h in the pressure range 3-65 bar 
  • Can calibrate from 50 m3/h to 65000 m3/h at 3-65 bar 

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