At one of the largest air calibration facilities in the world, we conduct first-time verification, control and recalibration of volume, mass, and dP meters using atmospheric air.

Meets your air calibration needs and provides accurate results

Fourteen metres long and 1,8 metres high, our airflow calibration facility is one of few to offer a flow range capacity from 65 (Q-min) to 25000 m3/h (Q-max).

The air facility consists of five parallel reference lines and a measuring line in series where the meter under test (MUT) is located. The airflow facility operates according to the suction principle under atmospheric conditions. Two Revolution Per Minute (RPM)-controlled centrifugal blowers draw air from the calibration room through the meter during testing and then through the reference strings containing the working standards further downstream. 

Flow distribution:

  • (BU201) Blower A: Supplies WS201, WS202, and WS203 with air flow
  • (BU202) Blower B: Supplies WS204, and WS205 with air flow

Calibration of all types of air and gaseous flow meters

The air calibration facility can handle all flow meters for measuring air and other gasses, including USM, turbine meters, swirl meters and coriolis meters up to 50" in diameter.

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As an impartial and independent calibration service provider, we maintain and develop a technological infrastructure of unique facilities, technologies, and competencies for society and business.

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Look around the Bulderbaan airflow calibration facility


Bulderbaan - Air calibration facility for flow meters
The Bulderbaan facility consists of two blowers, butterfly valves, four working standards (WS) and POV valves and is easy to attach to spools and adaptors. It is approved by the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM), the international organisation established by the Metre Convention to deal with matters related to measurement science and standards.
Air flow calibration facility - the Bulderbaan
The air facility consists of five parallel reference lines and a measuring line where the meter (in yellow) is located during testing.
Bulderbaan - air calibration
The Bulderbaan operates using atmospheric air in the flow range of 65-25000 m3/h, Ucmc 0,23%.