New instructional materials will meet Danish companies' present and future needs for qualified labour.


Technology-orientated businesses are displaying an increasing demand for employees with more "artisanal" skills while also having a skill set for solving the technical challenges that arise in production. The need to upgrade the qualifications of unskilled labourers is addressed in the Technology Pact, among other ways.

The relevant technical programmes of study, particularly in labour market programmes (AMU), trade programmes (EUV, EUX), professional institutes, and trade academies lack educational materials in the sphere of metrology and measurement technology with the level of professional knowledge required to meet this need.

This project is based on the measurement technology skill sets of DFM (Denmark's National Institute of Metrology) and FORCE Technology, and will be developed into instructional materials targeted at the relevant educational institutions. The developed materials will be made freely available via the website

The project will contribute to strengthening the supply of qualified labour in metrology, meeting Danish companies' present and future needs for qualified employees in the field.

Target group

The target groups are 

Educational institutions, such as trade academies, trade schools, universities, machining schools, professional institutes, labour market programmes, and trade programmes.
Industry: Danish manufacturing industry, import/export industry and the energy industry.


This project is being conducted in collaboration with DFM.

Previous project periods

Metrology instruction is a continuation of the project "Instruction in Metrology", conducted by FORCE Technology and DFM from 2016 to 2018.