Participants at the lead auditor course gain practical knowledge about occupational health and safety management and standards such as ISO 45001. Caljan and Vestas have strengthened their skillset.

Awareness of creating a safe and healthy working environment is increasing among Danish and international companies. The companies view standards such as ISO 45001 about occupational health and safety (which was published in 2018) as useful tools in their work with occupational health and safety.

At our lead auditor courses in occupational health and safety management (OH&S) participants from various industries learn about management of occupational health and safety and how to implement the ISO 45001 tools in their own companies.

Caljan is ready to implement

Alex Christensen, Lean & Quality Manager at Caljan A/S, has attended the lead auditor course at FORCE Technology to update his knowledge about the OH&S standard ISO 45001. Caljan produces logistics equipment and set high standards for quality, safety, and a healthy working environment. Deciding to implement ISO 45001 was therefore a natural choice for the company.

”At the lead auditor course, I have obtained up to date and applicable knowledge about the standard - knowledge which prepares me and reassures me of how to start implementing an ISO 45001 management system at Caljan,” says Alex Christensen.

Alex Christensen likes the structure of FORCE Technology’s auditor training program, where you start out with a generic basic course and afterwards specialise in a specific standard – in his case ISO 45001.

”All in all, the lead auditor course has given me the necessary knowledge to build an OH&S management system and establish an excellent management tool that can add value to Caljan,” says Alex Christensen.

Member of standardisation committee

Our teachers at the lead auditor course in OH&S have actively participated in the development of the ISO standard and are member of the S-803 Committee for Occupational Safety and Health. They make sure that the in-depth knowledge of ISO 45001 they obtain through their standardisation work is passed on to the course participants.

OH&S management systems

The purpose of an OH&S management system such as ISO 45001:2018 is to set a framework that can create safe working environments and prevent the employees from work-related injuries or illness.  By implementing an OH&S management system, companies can manage potential health and safety issues. ISO 45001:2018 replaces OHSAS 18001.<br/>

A great management tool for Vestas

Vagn Albertsen, who works as an HSE specialist at the wind turbine manufacturer MHI Vestas Offshore Wind (MVOW), has also participated in the lead auditor course in occupational health and safety management.

”I attended the course to update my knowledge of ISO 45001 and HSE systems. I need this knowledge in my daily work when performing internal audits across the departments at MHI Vestas. MHI Vestas’ OH&S management system is designed according to the requirements of ISO 45001 - including the element of risk assessment. It is a great management tool,” says Vagn Albertsen.
From the lead auditor course, Vagn Albertsen has acquired a lot of useful knowledge that he can use in his OH&S work, making him confident that the company’s activities comply with the requirements of ISO 45001.

It was Vagn Albertsen’s manager who recommended attending the lead auditor course. Many of MHI Vestas employees choose to attend the courses at FORCE Technology because the teachers have updated knowledge of the standards relating to management systems and they teach the complex subject in a straightforward and applicable way.

”The teachers are very professional and qualified and they are thorough in the way they teach you the subjects. They are able to communicate the requirements of the standard in an understandable way. By taking you through the requirements so that you know the standards inside out, you get prepared to utilise the standards in the best and optimal way for your organisation’s OH&S work,” says Vagn Albertsen.


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