UbiqiSense, which designs smart offices, worked with FORCE Technology to bring order to their security work. For a start-up, standards aren't the easiest thing to work with, so when security is a priority, exchanging ideas and getting feedback are more than welcome.

As soon as you install a camera in a meeting room, there's a risk that someone with bad intentions may be looking in. At least, if your security isn't first-rate. 

This is why at UbiqiSense, which designs smart offices using data from cameras and sensors, it's important for their equipment to comply with all applicable regulations and standards.

"Of course, our products are CE-marked, but there are many other ways we have to document that our products are secure, such as through relevant security standards and so on. This is an important way for us to get a foot in the door with our customers. A growing number of them ask about security and demand that we meet the standards", explains Klaus Grouleff, Head of Software Development at UbiqiSense.

Important feedback for start-ups

In order to guarantee that their UC1 sensor's security is first-rate, the business has collaborated with FORCE Technology to perform penetration testing and analyse their source code.

"We had a number of potential security holes in the system pointed out. We were also introduced to tools that have forced us to think in a more structured way, and take a more systematic approach to security", Grouleff says, adding that this has made their process easier, because they don't need to reinvent the wheel every time they develop a new product.

"We've also talked to FORCE Technology about how we can best document that we meet security requirements. A lot of start-ups have never followed a standard before, and that can be really complicated. So it's really meaningful to us to have someone that we can ask for advice," says Grouleff.

About UbiqiSense

UbiqiSense's work is focused on smart buildings and offices. Using data from cameras and sensors, they design workplaces for the future, where the need to work in new ways will create demands for new ways to divide spaces, collaborate, and work remotely.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the business adapted their Smart Sensor solution to use existing IP camera infrastructure to help in maintaining social distancing in public places, including shopping centres, public transportation, and offices, making a safer reopening possible. 

UbiqiSense was founded in 2015.

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