Knowledge of standards, their interpretation, and their use is at the core of all testing and consultancy services.

Purpose of FORCE Technology's involvement in standardisation

Active participation in standardisation is a prerequisite to being able to offer high-quality testing and consultancy services, as well as meeting accreditation requirements. Furthermore, Danish representation in standards development processes is critical to Denmark's competitiveness.

For these reasons, FORCE Technology serves as an impartial, professional representative of Danish interests in more than 87 standardisation committees, networks, and groups.

The knowledge we gather by participating in standardisation activities benefits Danish industry as a whole. FORCE Technology shares its experience and new knowledge through its own activities in such areas as production technology and type approval, partially through its consultancy services and knowledge sharing activities in professional networks.

These consultancy and dissemination services require actual knowledge of the most recent developments in various professional spheres. Therefore, regular participation in committees and working groups is necessary, considering that standards in some fields change from quarter to quarter. It is also necessary to communicate those changes, the background for them, and possible future scenarios facing Danish businesses.

Target groups

Each year, FORCE Technology provides services to more than 9000 customers within some 50-odd professional fields. There are thus many target groups for this project.

Examples include:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Additive manufacturing
  • ICT, including IoT and IT for healthcare
  • Electronics and devices
  • Testing technologies, with associated standards
  • Notified Body authorisation for product approvals
  • Technical and approval-related exchanges of ideas, on behalf of Danish authorities
  • Material technology
  • Welding and production technologies
  • Medical equipment and maritime technology
  • Quality assurance, working environment, environment, safety
  • Energy, environment, and process technology
  • The EU's ETV programme
  • Simulation technology
  • Human factors management
  • Sound, noise measurement, acoustics, and hearing protection
  • Lighting
  • Legal metrology: Air humidity and weight

Cybersecurity, a new activity, will be significant for a large group of Danish device and system producers. IoT (the internet of things) is expected to lead to network access to electronics in everyday products and heavy infrastructure alike.