Danish LINAK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric linear actuator systems used for e.g. height adjustable tables and hospital beds.

Their LA36 product is a height adjustable arm that can be integrated in lifts mounted on e.g. trucks, disabled cars, garbage trucks and tractors. LA36 constitutes an important part of LINAK’s business and has large sales potential. It is therefore essential for LINAK that the LA36 products meet customer requirements:

“As several of our international customers asked if we had Regulation 10 approval of our LA36 products, it quickly became clear to us that we needed this approval in order to sell in these markets,” explains Jørgen Mathiesen, Technical Product Manager, LINAK.

LINAK who has extensive knowledge within their field, but limited experience with the approval and testing according to Regulation 10, teamed up with FORCE Technology's approval management experts:

“FORCE Technology helped us map out which tests we required and made a test plan for us. Fortunately, we were well covered and only needed three additional tests,” says Jørgen Mathiesen.

6 weeks from application to approval

Next step was the regulatory approval for the E-mark. FORCE Technology’s consultant Ole Hammer handled this process that took six weeks from submission of the application to regulatory approval.

“For us, it makes sense to place the whole package of tests and approval in one place. It is easier and cheaper for us not having to brief yet another person about the project,” emphasizes Jørgen Mathiesen.

The road authorities in Sweden conducted the actual approval of LINAK’s products:

“At present, the Danish traffic authorities do not carry out this approval. Therefore, we approached the Swedish authorities,” says Ole Hammer, Consultant at FORCE Technology, who are pleased with the cooperation with the Swedish authorities. ”We had an ongoing dialogue with the road authorities in Sweden and quickly answered their queries, so that the approval was done within 1½ month.”

Increasing sales is on its way

Obtaining the approval of LA36 is very important for LINAK:

“The fact that we now have the approval means that we can enter new markets and thereby increase our sales. We differentiate ourselves clearly from our competitors and show our customers that we remain a leader in our field,”says Jørgen Mathiesen, who anticipate that the approval will affect other of LINAK’s products. “Going forward, we can work more targeted, next time we want approval of a product, because we know what work we have to do, and what it costs. It’s a great advantage for us and will ease our work.”

Mastering the ‘approval language’

It often requires many resources for a company developing and selling products and components to high-tech industries such as the automotive industry. LINAK saved time by buying external expertise, which they did not have in-house:

“It is our experience that if you, as we, do not have in-house expertise to handle the approval process, it is really beneficial involving FORCE Technology. It has been of great value to us working with experts who speak the ‘approval language’,”says Jørgen Mathiesen. “A good advice is to involve FORCE Technology as early as possible in the product development process, in order to hit the market faster with the approved product.”

Further information

For more information or help with E-marking and approval of products for the automotive industry please contact Consultant Ole Hammer, who is FORCE Technology’s Approval Management expert for the automotive industry.

Looking forward, FORCE Technology will improve and expand the service of approval of components for the automotive industry, for example by enhancing the cooperation with the Swedish authorities in order to improve the turnaround time of approvals.