One of the main objectives of our simulator training for the Maersk Triple-E crew is to ensure safety at sea and protection of the marine environment.

The courses are partly in the classroom, partly simulator-based with focus on developing interpersonal skills of the crew through the extensive simulator-based exercises. Our experienced and certified simulator instructors ensure that the techniques learned in the classroom-based part are trained in the simulator and thereby in practice transferred to the participants. 

"The course is a great experience with lots of practical training from day one. Practicing in the simulator compared to 'real life' is better, because it is without consequences’, says Master Stuart McAllister, who has 30 years of experience within ship handling.

A highly professional set-up with magnificent facilities

Stuart McAllister appreciated our facilities as well as the content of the course:

"FORCE Technology has a highly professional set-up with magnificent facilities which all combined gives us a much deeper insight into the Triple-E. We must be aware of what we are tackling, and the course gives us tools to be very decisive. The Triple-E class needs to be handled with full arm control compared to former ship types which needed finger tip steering"

Through the simulator training in our ship simulator, the officers receive practical training in vessel manoeuvring, and learn to understand the principles, advantages and limitations of manoeuvring with twin propellers and rudders. 

During the training, the participants have the possibility to test and improve manoeuvring strategies and gain a thorough understanding of the physical elements affecting the manoeuvring of the vessel.

The training includes handling of the vessel in various realistic operations, considering the limitations of the specific vessel and training in emergency manoeuvring with full or limited manoeuv­ring capability and with or without assisting tugs. The exercises include approaching and going alongside and training in various weather scenarios.

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Ship handling theory and debriefing are classroom based.
Simulator training Triple E direction decision
Setting the right manoeuvring stratgy before calling the port.
simulator training navigation
Realistic simulations reflects on the needed concetration level.
simulator based Triple E training
Overview of the ship simulator bridge.