A collaboration agreement between Acquadinamica (ACD) and FORCE Technology enables ACD to offer services that can help modernise the Brazilian ports.

The Brazilian port infrastructure is in need of both technical updates and further expansion of the facilities as larger ships are calling the terminals. The Brazilian government has a goal of increasing the port throughput by an average of 5,7 percent every year until 2030.

Today it is unthinkable to modernise a port without including accurate simulations as part of the feasibility study: “A new port layout or a new berthing facility has an impact on both economic and environmental aspects. Therefore, tests using simulation and very accurate mathematical models are necessary. This will ensure safe and efficient daily operations. There are many examples confirming that it has proved very costly when this tool has not been used” explains Guillermo Garay, Senior Project Manager at FORCE Technology.

Off to a great start

“We realised that our customers within the port and shipping industries were in need of specialised high-quality service in maritime simulations and found that FORCE Technology, with their excellent technology, was the right company to help us,” explains João Thadeu de Menezes, CEO at ACD.

Shortly after ACD acquired a part-task simulator and participated in courses to receive the latest knowledge within port engineering and simulation. This enabled them to open their own simulator centre called ‘Acquasim’.

In less than three months, ACD carried out several port studies and received requests for providing pilot training. 

Complimenting each other

The cooperation will address major engineering projects in Brazil. ACD will conduct the different studies using their part task simulator with accurate data regarding the environmental conditions and ship modelling. We will assist with specific mathematical models and our full mission simulators if the latter are required.

This successful collaboration has just begun: “We want to keep strengthening our competences within simulation in order to expand our potential within port modernisation,” concludes João Thadeu de Menezes.

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The Acquasim simulator centre.
Photo: Acquadinamica.