Explicit produces sensor systems for measuring emissions from ships. The systems have been developed in collaboration with FORCE Technology. With the calibration certificates from FORCE Technology the approval of the systems was easy.

The sensor systems are used to measure emissions from ships' smoke plumes, and the microsensors can be mounted on drones and helicopters so that measurements can be made while the ship is underway. In this way, the authorities can immediately ascertain whether the fuel sulfur limits are in compliance.

“We need to have a certification that our sensor systems meet the standards we promise the authorities and which are contained in the MARPOL Convention. This is where FORCE Technology plays a major role because we get our sensors calibrated at FORCE Technology's calibration laboratory ”, says Jon Knudsen, CEO of Explicit.

“We use calibration certificates constantly in tender rounds, and they are an important consideration for the authorities. It is also crucial for us that FORCE Technology is an independent third party so that we have a credible guarantee for our equipment ”, continues Jon Knudsen.

“Over the years, we have collaborated closely with FORCE Technology on various development projects, and we greatly appreciate the qualified sparring we have received from your highly qualified people. It's great that GTS (Certified Technological Service) companies can help entrepreneurs get to the stage where the projects can be marketed”, concludes Jon Knudsen.

Measuring systems for emissions from ships
Calibration certificates by FORCE Technology make Explicit's measuring system userfriendly, enabling authorities to, either by drone or helicopter, measure sulfur content in plumes.