Emission measurements ensure that companies comply with regulatory requirements for measuring, evaluation and documentation of airborne emissions, incl. odour and micro pollutants. 

Emission measurements help companies comply with the requirements of the environmental approval

Air emissions are subject to regulation by the legislation and the environmental approval. The environmental approval includes requirements for set up, when it comes to exhaust, measuring and reduction of air emissions and odour. If a company does not comply with the requirements, it may risk losing the right to operate. Furthermore, measurements constitute an important parameter in corporate environmental policies.

The requirements depend on the expected environmental impact of the production.

Emission measurements at FORCE Technology are based on:

  • many years of experience
  • extensive knowledge
  • accreditation
  • meticulous planning
  • high quality in performance.

We offer our customers advice and measurements that ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements. If the measured emissions do not comply with the limits, we can advise you on how to solve the problem.

FORCE Technology provides all-round task performance within air emissions

We ensure our customers broad-based expertise in air emissions in all stages, from prevention to documentation and reduction. We provide:

We are always serious about our customer’s needs. We create measurement programs and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by careful planning, attractive prices and delivery on time. We perform measurements and provide a report, ready for the authorities.

Our measurement technicians have at their disposal a large amount of instruments, including measuring equipment for special measurements. They get support from specialist in air pollution and from engineers throughout the organization. We work closely with our laboratory that provides chemical analysis. We are DANAK accredited in measuring and analysis within air emission and ambient air. We are also National Reference Laboratory for Air Emission Monitoring in Denmark.

Scheduling ensures quality and minimizes measurement costs

FORCE Technology always schedules emission measurements in order to meet authority conditions and requirements. We always prepare a proposal, where we specify the price and the task, in order to ensure consensus in the extent of the task and to avoid misunderstandings.

Our well-educated measurement technicians react when measurement conditions are not met. Often they can correct the situation on site in order not to repeat the measurements at a later point of time. In case of doubt, our measurement technicians will involve our team of engineers and consultants. Often we can avoid time wasting, duplication of work and expensive extra measurements.

We calibrate and service our measuring equipment at our own laboratory according to our accreditation.

Please contact our consultants, if you want to know more about air emissions or to get started with emission measurements.