The odour laboratory is accredited for sampling, measuring and analysing odour emissions from industry, plants, restaurants and other odour emitting companies.

Odour panelists smelling odour samples in the olfactometer
Odour panellists smelling odour samples in the olfactometer

The odour laboratory consists of the following:

  • Instrument park for sampling, measuring and analysing odour samples
  • Olfactometer to assess the odour strength of the odour samples
  • A panel of trained odour panellists
  • A workshop for the production of odour bags

The odour laboratory’s measurements and analyses are most often carried out as:

  • documentation of compliance with limits for airborne odour for authorities, e.g. in relation to the company's environmental approval or the Danish Environmental Protection Act
  • quality assurance of effects when setting up filters to reduce airborne odour, e.g. biofilter, carbon filter, odour washer, etc.

In addition, we carry out a number of customised odour analyses, e.g. the smell of different types of sludge from sewage systems or odour of e.g. packaging or other products with residual odour from manufacturing.


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Olfactometer for evaluation of odour samples - odour evaluation
Odour is measured by collecting a bag of air from the chimney, which is analysed within thirty hours in a so-called olfactometer, which dilutes the odour samples in a controlled manner.
Manufacturing of odour bags for odour samples
At the odour laboratory, we make bags for collecting odour samples.
We use Nalophan, which is, among other things, used for packing food items and comes in endless “tubes”. To make a bag, we weld a piece of e.g. half a metre at both ends and put a teflon hose fitted with a teflon plug in the one corner.
The odour sample's contents measures for hydrocarbons and carbondioxide at the odour laboratory
We measure the hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide content with a gas monitor to obtain additional information on the contents of the samples.
Odour evaluation of a wastewater sample
Here, air is being blown over a sample of wastewater to assess how much odour is released when the wind blows over a wastewater basin. We analyse the air in the olfactometer and, by using calculations, we can estimate the odour from the wastewater basin.
Olfactometer for odour evaluation
Our olfactometer is a TO8 from the company Olfasense. The sample bag is mounted on, and with the help of clean air, we dilute the air in the bag before presenting it to the odour panellists. At first, we dilute it so much that none of the panellists can smell anything, and after that the smell is gradually made stronger. When a panellist can smell something at e.g. 2,000 times the dilution, they push a button. Once each panellist has detected the odour twice, we can calculate a mean value for the sample. Results are given in odour unit/cubic metre (o.u./m³).