Environmental rules and legislation constitute an important parameter in companies’ environmental policy. FORCE Technology provides consulting on how to observe the environmental rules. 

Environmental rules and legislation issue demands for the operation of your company

Companies in Europe are governed by environmental rules, including the environmental approval, setting up frames and requirements as to measurements, emissions and reduction of pollution.

If your company does not meet the requirements put forth in the environmental management, you may risk having to reduce production or even shut down your company.

Which requirements and conditions you have to meet depend on the type of company and the environmental impact your company is expected to have. Especially companies that pollute significantly will have to obtain environmental approval and run the company according to the environmental management.

FORCE Technology provides comprehensive advice on environmental rules and legislation

FORCE Technology provides advice for all types of companies on environmental legislation, including which rules apply in the field and how you observe them.

Furthermore, we prepare and compile the material, required by the authorities, e.g. various applications, and we can be of assistance as regards preparation and observance of your environmental approval.

FORCE Technology holds many years’ experience in providing advice on environmental rules and legislation. We build our consultancy on:

  • great knowledge of environmental legislation, -rules and approval, and environmental interactions in general
  • widespread knowledge of the expected requirements for the companies
  • comprehensive knowledge of the environmental rules in the field and participation in the preparation of environmental rules
  • extensive experience in solving tasks for various types of companies and authorities.

Preparation of environmental approval and observance of the environmental management

Obtaining and observing your environmental approval constitute the core of observing the environmental management. Your company is responsible for applying for the environmental approval and defining some of the terms and conditions in the environmental approval.

In this connection it is important that you consider the design and wording of the terms, prior to applying for environmental approval. Some terms are strictly determined by various statutory orders, whereas for other terms, you have the possibility of gaining significant influence. Once you have decided upon conditions and terms, it may be difficult to change those again.

It may be important to consider whether there are parameters that you control/run in other instances, which may have influence on the surrounding environment. If that is the case, you should consider whether these may incur as conditions. Alternatively you may risk getting control terms that will make your day to day running difficult and pose many documentation requirements in connection with the environmental management system.

Contact us to get advice on environmental rules and legislation with FORCE Technology, or if you need to know more on the subject.