Consultancy on design, implementation or optimisation of management systems, providing you efficient tools.

The management system is the tool that the management uses to manage the business efficiently. It helps you to execute the strategy and streamlining your business processes. In many cases your customers, or government, will require that your business has an implemented, and frequently certified, management system. 

Management Systems for quality, environment, occupational health and safety

We provide consultancy, coaching and training when you want to develop, implement and integrate management systems. Our services cover the areas of quality, environment, health & safety and is based on a risk-based approach.

Our services within management systems range from sparring on the general framework, through assistance in establishing specific procedures, to system auditing. We help you ensure that you have your documentation in order so you can readily provide your customer with credible system documentation.

It is important for both management and employees that the management system is operating effectively in everyday life, that it supports a culture of improvement and adds value. We help you build new, and streamline existing, systems so that they are useful to all employees. In this way, the systems become an active and valuable part of the company's everyday life.


As part of establishing or updating management systems, we often carry out a GAP-analysis, based on the existing procedures and business processes.

The analysis will show which elements the system lacks to live up to the required standard. In order to find the best possible solution within the framework of the company, our starting point will always be a dialogue with you.

Establishing and embedding processes

We help you map the processes of your business, the input and output, and the necessary controls and resources. During this, we identify the responsibilities and authorities associated with each process.

Once the system is established, we ensure that the processes are embedded in the company's organization. We then carry out a number of internal audits to verify that the system is implemented and operating effectively. This ensures that you get a system that works and provides measurable value to your business.

Environmental management systems are designed to comply with Danish environmental regulations and ISO 14001, and safety management systems are designed to comply with Arbejdstilsynets bekendtgørelse Nr. 87 (Danish Working Environment Authority, Executive Order AT-bek. 1191:2013) and OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001. 

Integrated management systems 

We have extensive experience with the integration of management systems. In this context, we often utilize LEAN tools prior to the delineation and definition of the individual processes. This results in an effective management system, adapted to an optimized value stream, with the benefit of only having one system to maintain.