Consultancy and coaching to increase your focus on your business model, its development potential, and key areas.

A strong commitment to the development of your business model is an important source for the improved competitiveness, and the future growth, of your business, and will ensure your company's long-term survival. Continually developing your business model helps you to:
  • Focus on key areas
  • Gain insights into and understanding of development potentials 
  • Ensure optimum use of limited resources

Specific tools ensure business development and strategic planning

For many small and intermediate sized businesses, the daily running of the business makes it difficult to find the time to work with the business strategy and the future business model. We provide consultation and sparring, using proven tools, which give you a framework for working with your business strategy and potential for development. 

Using our tools, you define the future objectives, and together we plan a strategy and decide how to reach the milestones that we have defined. This will give you a concrete plan to help you realize the development potential of your company.

Tailored sparring and planning

Our consultants have practical experience with strategy and business development, and with innovation as a parameter for development and competitiveness. We always make sure that we have continuous dialogue regarding your expectations so that you get a development plan tailored to your business and the specific challenges you face.

We provide sparring regarding:
  • Identification and description of your company's current business model
  • Creating value to customers
  • Sources of Renewal
  • Evaluation and prioritization of new business ideas
  • Focused development and follow-up

Business development, based on recognized business models

We use business models that are relevant and appropriate for your needs and the strategic level you are at.

An example is the Business Model Generation by Oesterwalder & Pigneur (BMG). BMG is simple to understand and work with, easy to communicate and process oriented. BMG provides a good overview of where your business is right now using simple scenario techniques ("as is"). 

Furthermore, it provides a good basis for decisions on the future strategy, and the areas where efforts should be concentrated ("to be").
We can also use other strategy tools such as SWOT analysis, or combine these tools, e.g. SWOT and BMG.