Quality assurance of Automated Measuring Systems (AMS) ensures that your plant meets the existing environmental requirements and may entail savings in your tax payment.

Quality assurance of AMS ensures correct tax payments and compliance with requirements

If you have an automated measuring system (AMS) at your plant, you are obliged to carry out quality assurance within the defined time frame. If you do not meet the regulatory requirements for quality assurance of AMS, you risk losing the right to operate the plant.

You are furthermore obliged to keep the rules on quality assurance of AMS from the tax authorities, who may fine you or issue elevated taxes due to lack of compliance.

Furthermore, with quality assurance of AMS you may ensure that your automated measuring systems are adjusted correctly and according to current legislation. This way you will avoid mistakes and flaws in measurements such of e.g. NOX, sulphur and carbon dioxide and ensure correct tax payment.

Quality assurance of AMS with FORCE Technology

FORCE Technology provides consultancy, measurements and courses as regards quality assurance of AMS. As a customer, you can expect compliance with requirements in standards and legislation and a high quality in our performance, because we:

  • hold many years’ experience in the field of air emission monitoring
  • hold a large staff of experienced air pollution specialists and sampling technicians
  • have broad and updated knowledge on environmental legislation and norms
  • have a wide range of instruments including measuring equipment for more specialised tasks
  • are accredited by DANAK.

Within quality assurance of automated measuring systems we offer to:

  • prepare measuring programmes, which ensure that requirements in standards and legislation will be met and fulfilled
  • perform parallel measurements and supply a complete QAL2 or AST report, ready for submission to the local authorities
  • provide counselling on QAL3 issues or to carry out a complete QAL3, including practical performance and documentation.

Planning ensures quality and minimises costs

FORCE Technology is accredited for all the relevant measurements. The extent of measurements is often high, and we optimise our planning in close cooperation with you so that the work may be performed efficiently with regards to both time and costs.

Our sampling technicians will react in the situations when the requirements for parallel measuring have not been met. Often we can avoid wasted hours, double work and costly extra measurements for you as a customer.

Supplementary environmental measurements

FORCE Technology also provides a number of supplementary environmental measurements:

  • Non-measureable parameters

    The parameters that cannot be measured by AMS (e.g. trace metals and dioxins), must be carried out as performance control measurements. In connection with FORCE Technology carrying out performance measurements for quality assurance of AMS, we also offer to perform the other measurements required by the authorities. This way you may reduce the total costs for measurements.
  • O2 and H2O

    The DS/EN 14181-standard has no quality requirements for the systems’ own measurements of e.g. O2 and H2O. Since O2 and H2O are generally very important parameters for e.g. the operation of the plant, we offer to carry out a test of these peripheral AMS, during the normal QAL2 or AST.
  • Homogeneity test

    According to DS/EN 15259 all AMS sampling sites must be tested for homogeneity (i.e. whether the gases have been mixed homogenously). FORCE Technology offers to perform the homogeneity test in connection with QAL2 or AST parallel sampling in order to reduce the overall cost.
  • Test of data acquisition and handling systems (DAHS) 

    We also offer to perform a test of the DAHS, in which we determine whether AMS signals are led correctly to the computer. We test all calculations of e.g. normalisation, correction for oxygen, averaging, etc. We also test the system ability to count ELV-exceedings, etc. The test will give you certainty for a correct environmental report and correct tax payments.

Contact our consultants to learn more about quality assurance of AMS or to get started on quality assurance.