NOVENCO Building & Industry is a leading global player in designing, developing and producing industrial ventilation systems for buildings, tunnels and parking garages.

NOVENCO received an order for ventilation for a large data centre. The condition was that the Zerax fan to be used at the data centre was extensively tested.

Documentation of stable performance

NOVENCO's customer wanted a so-called UL certificate to verify that the fans could run stably and be unaffected at temperatures up to 42 degrees Celcius. NOVENCO contacted FORCE Technology, who conducted a full day of testing at the climate test centre in Lindø Industrial Park.

The Zerax fan has a 90 per cent efficiency and low energy consumption. FORCE Technology's test documented that the fan was not affected by the high temperature.

"The fan met all requirements, performs as intended and does not use more energy during high temperatures," NOVENCO Building & Industry engineer and project manager Kristine Skov says.

Can cool in deserts

Some of the data centres are located in deserts and it is important that the fans used can withstand high temperatures.

"Often the customer has special requirements for temperatures, and it is important to be able to prove that the fans meet these requirements," she says.

Competence and correct measurements

Kristine Skov from NOVENCO is very satisfied with FORCE Technology's test facilities at Lindø.

"It was very satisfactory. The test chamber has new equipment, and there are very competent people in the centre. All the equipment is calibrated, so you are sure that the measurements you get are correct," Kristine Skov says.

Publicly funded demonstration project

Eric Putnam, Head of Department in Component & Structure Testing at FORCE Technology, talks about the collaboration with NOVENCO:

"We had a pleasant and fruitful collaboration with NOVENCO Building & Industry. The testing of the Zerax fan was conducted as a demonstration project as part of a publicly funded programme aimed at developing test programmes for large systems. The project also showed the various tasks the climate chamber can take on. It is both a facility and a test environment that can be used for everything from development to validation and certification testing."

NOVENCO had their Zerax fan tested. Peter Holt, Kristine Skov Ulrik Green.
NOVENCO had its Zerax fan tested for an entire day at the test centre in Lindø Industrial Park. From left: Development Director Peter Holt, engineer Kristine Skov and engineer Ulrik Green.