In the climatic test chamber, large components, structures and functional systems can be tested under realistic atmospheric sea conditions.

A climatic chamber with huge possibilities

The climatic test chamber is the largest commercially available in Northern Europe providing a combination of three different environmental systems to perfectly simulate an offshore environment:

  • Temperature control
  • Humidity control
  • Salt spray.

The three environmental parameters can be individually controlled or be programmed as combined effects to simulate the harsh offshore atmosphere as realistically as possible.

climatic chamber cooling down
Demo testing of Volvo Wheel Loader
• Testing of product at low temperature (-20 °C)
• Over icing test using water spray
• Data acquisition

drone test
Testing of drones in Arctic climate conditions
• Arctic climate simulation
• Battery lifetime testing
• Performance testing
• Functional testing
full-scale test in climatic chamber
Full-scale custom testing
• Corrosion testing 
• Realistic operational condition simulation (-35°C to +60°C, humidity control, salt spray)• Functional testing
• Product validation
• Performance testing
• Heavy, large scale product testing (maximum floor load of over 1000 tons) 
cooling system in climatic chamber
Functional testing of a Cooling system 
• Thermal stress test in operational conditions (from -20 to approximately +50 °C)
• System validation
• Over icing test using water spray
• Component function and integrity testing
• Test duration – 400 cycles, 7 days