In the climatic test chamber, large components, structures and functional systems can be tested under realistic atmospheric sea conditions.

Can your system withstand the environment?

In addition to the relatively simple exposure tests, accele-rated tests can be conducted. An accelerated test can run with single or combined effects designed to react on a particular element of the test subject.

Furthermore, a variety of land-based equipment can be tested. Examples include onshore wind turbines, transportation systems, radar systems, air-conditioning systems, traffic-regulating systems, warning systems and lighting systems.

Testing of functional systems

The climatic chamber is especially well suited for testing functional systems e.g. a crane system, an engine or a hydraulic system.

The climatic chamber is located inside a large test hall, which allows for testing functional split-systems. An example is a heating/cooling system consisting of both indoor and outdoor modules, where one part can be located and manipulated inside the climatic chamber while the other part is located in the test hall.

In this way virtually all systems can be tested and verified for both corrosion resistance and for desired performance under a variety of atmospheric conditions.

Customised tests

Testing in the climatic chamber can be customised to meet your specific demands. If you need assistance in the process of designing the test for your needs, we shall be happy to guide you. The climatic chamber is also capable of performing according to a number of standards.

Rely on us to bring your product in front

Our corrosion and metallurgy experts will be available to help during the entire design and production chain. This will enable you find the right solution for your product in order to avoid unexpected corrosion or material damage or operational failures.

Testing, evaluating and optimising your equipment properly before installation will confirm lifetime robustness of your product.

Strategic partnership for the benefit of industry

FORCE Technology has assisted industries world-wide with challenges relating to materials and systems for more than 75 years. Our vast experience is one of our most essential values to our customers.

However, we are constantly striving to develop advanced materials and testing solutions. Therefore, FORCE Technology has formed a strategic partnership with Lindoe Offshore Renewable
Centre (LORC) in order to offer tests of large components and systems.

The partnership between LORC and FORCE Technology has resulted in establishing Lindoe Component and Structure Testing A/S. The new facility for developing and testing of large
components and systems has been established at Odense Port, Denmark.